Comprehensive Wedding Planning Guide for an Enjoyable Celebration


Planning a wedding in the US implies- consistently working towards it until the day approaches. Having a detailed checklist of the things you need helps you accomplish deeds one by one. It reduces the possibility of missing out on anything important.

Wedding checklists come in handy when you know where to start. For example, generally, individuals begin with finalising the venue. It is because one must book it at least 3-4 months before the wedding. It will help you save costs and confirm your stay for the date.

If confused about where to begin, the guide may help you. It lists the best planning tips from the pre-wedding shoots to the wedding date.

How to plan a wedding smoothly?

There are many ways to plan a wedding. However, breaking down your wedding planning list into small chunks makes it more manageable. The below-listed wedding lists work on a planning timeline of 12 months. You can begin according to your timeline with the wedding preparations.  Here are some best ways to start the preparation countdown:

1)     12 months to the wedding

As mentioned above, choosing a wedding venue is the first and the most important task.  Before wedding preparations, every couple has a budget.  Thus, split your budget into important arrangements like weddings, catering, invitations, transportation, wedding dresses, etc. It makes it easy for you to dedicate costs and track the expenses.

Choose a wedding venue that meets your and your to-be-spouse aspirations. Whether you want to do a destination wedding or the same state, finalise the venue within a few days of proposing to her. Compare the rates of the venues at the location you want. Shortlist the ones that meet your budget and book one.

Apart from that, finalise the guest lists and book your meeting with the registrar to register for marriage. Provide the details required for marriage certificates.

2)     11 months to the wedding

After booking the venues, planning the guest lists and registering for marriage, other important aspects await your attention. One of those is wedding insurance. Identify the best wedding insurance to cover the wedding costs if anything goes haywire. It secures your wedding from potential threats. Many individuals forget this part of a wedding and eventually pay more than intend to.

Identify the best insurance plans by analysing the coverage. Check the insurance premiums and whether they align with existing wedding costs or not. Choose the one that’s far less than what you can afford.

It is because your most income goes towards wedding preparation leaving you with minimal savings. Having low premiums will help you meet them easily. However, in an emergency like when the caterer cancels the deal, you need to finalise others immediately.

It may require you to use the savings. Do not worry, check opportunities like wedding financing for bad credit scores. Individuals with limited savings may share low income and credit scores. Thus, individuals may benefit from the wedding-specific loan to meet related expenses.

For example, if you need a DJ with caterers and photographers, you can use a loan to finance their fees. You must book these in 11 months. It is because finding the right photographer may take you a while. Apart from this, check whether you need a bar staff or a wedding band to cover entertainment.


3)     8-10 months to the wedding

With your venue, wedding insurance, and photographers sorted, proceed with the wedding garments florists and invitations. Prioritising the wedding garments is important as finalising them with the right size and fitting takes time. If you already know the dress that you want to wear on the day, book it now. Test other showrooms to explore the best wedding gown and suit for your wedding. Analyse your budget and buy one accordingly.

Next, finalise the florists according to the best flower arrangement you want for the venue. Identify and finalise the decoration designs with the wedding planner.

Guests make an important part of the wedding. Though you can notify the guests 6-3 months before the wedding, preparing invitations with assorted gifts takes time. It is thus important to plan it sooner.

You must assign the wedding roles to your friends and family. It will help them prepare for the same timely. You can do so for functions like- engagement, proposal, wedding, etc. Well, it’s up to you whether you want to have bridesmaids, men of honour or flower boys for your wedding. You can go that simple as well.

Apart from this, booking accommodation is required for the wedding guests. It will help you know the total number of guests supposed to attend the wedding. Book a flexible number of accommodations instead of sticking by a guest number. You never know who may surprise you at the wedding.

4)     6-7 months to the wedding

Things feel real and exciting when you are just 7 months away from the wedding. You will see that you accomplished 80% of the tasks within this time. Send invitations to your guests. However, you can do this anytime. But if marrying during the busiest times of the year, it is advisable to do so at the earliest.

Separate your guest lists from the evening ones from the whole day guests. Sending save the dates is exciting. It will help your guests plan their leaves and things accordingly.

Secondly, plan the wedding cake. Explore the best bakeries and book the best cake that reveals your relationship the best. However, confirm whether the person will send it over to the venue or you would need to collect it. It would help you save time.

5)     3-5 months to the wedding

t is the crucial time of the wedding. Look at everything from the beginning apart from engaging in menu finalising, tasting, and booking hair and makeup artists. Moreover, analyse the best tickets to roam about after the wedding. It will help you check out the popular destinations for couples.

Buy wedding rings for your person. Take your time to purchase it as you will be wearing it all day throughout. Also, buy something that compliments your engagement ring.

Do not forget to purchase the best accessories to match your wedding dress. It will help you rock the day.

6)     2 months to the wedding date!

Having just one month to go is exciting but challenging at the same time. Here, invest most of your time in addressing or finalising small things. Here is the checklist:

  • Speak to your photographer
  • Write your vows
  • Test your final dress fitting
  • Finalise beauty and grooming appointments
  • Revise the seating plan
  • Prepare a wedding day surprise for the better half
  • Meet the registrar

Bottom line

It lists the best way to prepare for your wedding day. You can check and analyse the wedding aspects one by one. It will help you avoid the mess and organise everything. Individuals get confused mid-way and often skip important things like wedding speeches, dress trials and leading to last-minute delays. Thus, this guide covers everything you must plan for an enjoyable wedding.

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