A Basic Guide to Prepare for Intimate Weddings

intimate weddings

The trend of intimate weddings and destination weddings has become more popular in recent years. People who plan to get married usually have their ideal weddings. While some dream of having a huge celebration, others prefer a more simple way to show their love for one another.

As the name implies, intimate weddings focus on quality over quantity, creating memories that will last forever. So, if you’re a couple who prefers an intimate wedding, here is a simple guide about the things you should prepare for your special day!

1. Create a Guest List 

It all starts with listing the names of guests. Since it is the focus of intimate weddings is the number of guests, you should take time to think of who you want to celebrate with. When you have a small wedding, the atmosphere becomes lighter, and you can move freely because everyone in the place is close to your heart, and support all your decisions as a couple.

When curating the guest list, you can either start with listing all the people you know or start with listing the closest individuals (like family members or best friends) up to the friends you still want to share your special day with.

2. Choose a Venue

Nowadays, you can find many wedding venues that can cater to intimate weddings. If you’re career is related to corporate event management, you may already know some venues for small gatherings. On the other hand, you can also look online or hire an event planner to give you the right options.

Once you’ve found some options, you can pick the one that best resonates with the personality of you two or your relationship. For instance, if you prefer a cosy setting, you can pick a historical home or garden as the venue for your wedding ceremony. You can either pick another place for the reception or do it in the same place.

3. Add Personalised Details

Aside from choosing the venue that reflects your relationship, you can also include personalised items that represent the times you’ve spent together. For instance, you can include some photos, custom decorations, and sentimental items. Since the venue is just right for an intimate celebration, you don’t need too many decorations and focus on the things everyone will enjoy.

Instead of investing in the quantity of the decorations and giveaways, you can focus more on the quality of every element of the wedding.

intimate weddings

4. Plan the Catering and Menu

Food is one of the things guests look forward to. And with a small number of guests, you can focus on a personalised and more elaborate menu. You may opt for a buffet-style or family-style serving, instead of the usual setting with servers. This will also lessen the number of people you’ll hire which can save money.

Of course, aside from the bride and the groom, the guests’ diet should also be considered. For instance, if there are kids or adults with diet restrictions, you should take note of it when choosing the dishes. You can also ask the chef if they can offer meals based on the diet of your guests. Besides, the last thing you want is someone having an allergic reaction at your wedding, so be careful when creating a menu.

5. Incorporate Interactive Elements

Although weddings are exciting and fun, you can also include some interactive activities to create more connection with them. You can place a photo booth or message board, or hire a live band for a more enjoyable experience. These simple elements won’t cost you too much, but they can greatly affect the overall atmosphere of your wedding.

6. Consider Using Technology 

Take advantage of the online technology. With the help of virtual platforms, you can set up a live stream of your wedding. That way, those who won’t be able to attend the face-to-face setting can still be a part of the celebration.

intimate weddings

7. Decide the Timeline and Schedule

An intimate wedding allows you to have more time to connect with the guests and your partner. When deciding on the schedule and timeline, make sure you have enough time to take pictures and talk with them.

In terms of the wedding day, you can pick any time you’re comfortable with, and don’t feel pressured about informing them on short notice because they will most likely say yes, and celebrate your wedding.

8. Hire a Photographer and Videographer

Save every precious moment of your wedding by hiring a professional photographer and videographer. Sometimes, photos aren’t enough to go back to happy moments, especially when it’s a wedding.

Final Thoughts

Planning an intimate wedding can be less intimidating and less daunting. You can take time to cherish every step of the way since you only need to prepare things for a few people, it’s easier to focus on the essentials and you won’t be able to forget anything. From creating a guest list to hiring photographers and videographers, this basic guide can help you plan and execute the wedding you’ve been dreaming of.



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