7 Tips for Cutting Costs on Weekend Getaways


How often do you plan trips in a year?

Most individuals spend only 14-28 days a year on an average on trips. Why? It is because in a busy lifestyle, planning a time out becomes challenging. Additionally, rising living costs with multiple liabilities to meet leaves one with minimal savings. It is the reason individuals prioritise their expenses keeping minimal for outings.

However, you do not need to skip fun nor regret missing fun due to limited savings. It is because you can still celebrate special moments or unwind with quick weekend trips. On average, you need only £700 to plan your weekend gateway. However, different regions may cost differently. For example, visiting places in London may cost you around £1230.

Does it still seem too much to save for within a month? Relax.

There are some ways to reduce costs on weekend gateways. You can save money from the weekend gateway for your next trip. The blog lists some ways to do so.

How to save money on weekend gateways?

Weekend breaks are the new vibe. Many travellers ditch a one-week off in favour of a short recluse. Weekend gateways grant you the opportunity to explore something new every time.  However, saving money while on a trip seems complicated.  It is not impossible. You can save money in the following ways:

1)     Book tickets and accommodations in advance

Well, you may think of weekend trips as spontaneous trips. However, they are not.  You can plan the trip for the following week. Book tickets and accommodations searching the best ones. Moreover, you may get better deals on flights than booking one at the last moment. It is ideal for individuals who like to plan gateways and trips to avoid mess. It also keeps you organised.

Moreover, if you book tickets in advance on EMIs, you get more time to pay the dues than at the last minute. It may be a suitable arrangement for individuals on low income or unemployed. If you have only a single payment to make but lack sufficient sums, facilities like doorstep loans 4 unemployed might help. You can use it to get the money online or offline if you booked it through a vendor. You can pay the dues hassle-free and grab your flight.

2)     Find cheap staycations in the place

Identify the best staycation in the town you want to visit. It will help to finalise the best one at a prime location and view. It is because weekend gateways are popular and you may expect a rush there. Thus, the stay gets expensive.

However, search for cheap accommodations. You can get one with a private holiday let. If possible, contact the property owner and ask whether they can give you a discount. The owner may agree- as it is better to rent it for low than not having visitors for months.


3)     Bookmark the cheapest gateways

Before landing the place of your choice, bookmark the best gateways to choose from. You can make a list by mentioning the cheapest to the costliest gateway or destination.

Here are some popular cities for weekend break in the country UK:

  • Sheffield
  • Derby
  • Aberdeen
  • Southampton
  • Belfast
  • Blackpool
  • Pembrokeshire
  • Swansea
  • Bristol

You can filter out the best ones according to your budget and desire. It will help you save costs drastically.

4)     Try to get an extra day off / extend weekend

If you want to benefit from this small trip, get a day off. For example, if planning your trip on Saturday, consider booking the trip on Friday. Even if you get a half day on Friday, you can plan your long weekend.

Alternatively, move your weekend to midweek by planning from Saturday to Tuesday. It is because you will feel real peace there than on weekends and enjoy more. Moreover, you can reduce the costs of accommodations, hotels, and flights by extending it to midweek.

Some individuals love to work on weekends and travel in midweek. Moreover, working on weekends is peaceful and one concentrates better. You can plan the weekend trip for the upcoming week. For example- Monday- Thursday accordingly. Do whatever that suits your schedule and nature best.

5)     Identify city passes

Individuals plan a quick retreat to explore the beautiful sites that await them. There are multiple options for sightseeing in the country. However, exploring these without a pass can be expensive. Try to get one that offers access to nearly all popular sightseeing destinations. Additionally, you may get some discounts on restaurants and bars nearby.

However, city passes are only ideal if you want to explore the place. If you want to visit only 2-3 attractions, it may not be worth it.

6)     Conduct a free walking tour

If you want an overview of the place, walking tours are the best. It is because walking tours help you to know the locals. You can explore the main attractions in the city and get a glimpse of the history.

Moreover, interacting with locals will help you know the less explored and cheap places there. If you spot a guide, tip him on your way from the best sight viewings. It will be the best gesture for him.

7)     Avoid packing too much for weekend trips

It is a no-brainer, but yes, do not pack heavy luggage for just a weekend trip. Identify essentials like chargers, medicines, hygienic needs, etc., to pack. Moreover, you can keep a handbag in most cases.

Packing too much is time-consuming and leaves you with fixing things that you hardly need. Prepare a list of essentials that you cannot do without and pack. However, do not forget to keep the xerox of important documents like driver’s license, ID, tickets, etc. keep some extra cash. It will help you counter unexpected troubles or requirements.

For example, if the ticket to the most anticipated view exceeds your expectations additional cash may help. However, you would like to keep it for other important things. To finance the present need, contact private lenders in the UK marketplace. You can finance the tickets and unleash the joy without regrets.

Bottom line

These are some popular trips to plan weekend gateways. However, plan things. It will help you book tickets and accommodations affordably. Moreover, it grants you sufficient time to explore the best places to visit nearby.  Check the best transport to reduce the costs while exploring your favourite places. It will help you save for the most important aspects of the trip. Lastly, Planning weekend trips are a growing trend now. Would you like to try it?

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