What Are Some Of The Types Of Memoirs Written These Days


Memoir writing is fun, it allows you to keep a piece of art that keeps reminding you of that one significant life event. It’s a creatively penned-down piece of writing with a lot of imagination happening. Sometimes what writers do is go out of the box with the words and change the entire event into a forever-remembering moment. 

It is all about the perspective, as a writer you can either portray the event as it is or you can use words to make it creative and appealing. No matter what the type of memoir it is, words are something that can make it attention-grabbing or a boring script. 

The whole idea of writing a memoir is to make it memorable and to preserve the experiences of the subject matter. Memoirs are written with passion and dedication to make it to the shelves and to grab potential readers. 

After all, why would someone be interested in your life events? Only if the writing piece is interesting enough to captivate the readers and hook them up till the last page. 

Let’s dive into the types of memoirs and further learn about them. 

Top 6 Types Of Memoirs Are Discussed Below 

There are more but mostly these are the common for why people hire a memoir writer

1: Autobiographical Memoir

An autobiographical memoir usually covers the whole life of any author’s life. It’s like an entire timeline of the author that is mentioned in the book.

 Usually, the memoir covers just a single event but this category sums up the entire life. However, if the subject matter is the author, if he is dead all of a sudden, then it gets easy to sum up his/her life.

However, if they are alive, then the experiences can never stop as life goes on. So, the events are not summed up but only the ones that can leave an impression on the readers.  

2: Theme Memoir

Just like the name suggests, this type of memoir revolves around a certain theme. Let’s suppose the subject has gone through a heartbreak or accomplished an impossible task in their life. Readers love to read about the developmental progress they get to read when it’s enthralling. 

After all, only people who are interested in other people’s lives would read memoirs. So, why not keep them hooked up till the end of the page? 

3: Family Memoir

Family memoir is not something just about the author’s family but it also includes the family member’s life events. The family is fully involved in the writing of the events in the sense that each member discussed in the book has a role to play. Their life events are mentioned with much description and details so that readers know who they are reading about. 

Also, when a Family memoir is written, the author and his family’s life events are in chronological order in a way that the whole family tree is discussed as per the situations. 

4: Celebrity Memoir 

Celebrity memoirs are written by celebrities who are famous and well-praised among the fans. Most of the time celebrities become quite a thing among global fans. You will find many artists and celebrity memoirs these days as they are making quite a money from these. 

The thing is that fans are interested in the gossip more than anything else. This is the reason so many of these celebrities are becoming famous as they want fans to know about their lives equally as the fans want.  

Also, there are times when fans read these celebrity memoirs and pick any part and make a scandal out of it. Mostly these are some of the tactics that they use to get in the spotlight. The more people discuss them the more they are mentioned on social media platforms. 

5: Travel Memoir 

Travel memoir as the name suggests is a piece of writing that revolves around the adventures and travel stories people have to share. Traveled to Europe, and Asia, hiked a mountain? Well, you can read such memoirs available online. 

Also, writing a memoir on travelling, having a strong memory, and noting down events is quite interesting. So, yes this is another type of memoir that readers find interesting. 

6: Teaching Memoir 

Lastly, there is a teaching memoir, that is basically written for educational purposes. It can also be taken as a motivational memoir where business owners and entrepreneurs share the big life decisions that made them successful. 

This type of memoir is usually based on the learning and sharing of the highs and lows that are faced during business dealings. 

So, this was all about the types of memoir writing which is widely read by global readers.

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