Neeraj Chopra’s Insights on Patience, Training, and Enjoying Diwali: An Idea Exchange


In an insightful exchange with Associate Editor Nihal Koshie, Neeraj Chopra shared valuable insights on why young athletes should prioritize patience over quick success, his own athletic regimen, and how he enjoyed Diwali at home this year.

An Evening of Family and Fun

When asked about how he spent his Diwali this year, Chopra revealed that he had a fulfilling time with his family. He said, “It was very good to spend Diwali with the family. Cousins studying in Dehradun had come down. We are never together. But this year we had meals together, spent hours chatting.”

Healthy Choices During Celebrations

Though celebrations often call for indulgence, Chopra shared that he was more mindful of his diet this time around. “I’ve controlled a lot this time (eating sweets). Last time, I was eating everything and my weight had increased. Now, I can control a lot even if I’m not training,” he confessed.

The javelin-throwing Olympic gold medallist also added that he has developed good nutritional discipline. He explained, “If I eat a bit more in one meal, I ensure I skip the next. I’m also training a little.”

The Art of Striking Balance

While most people saw Chopra being cheerful and staying up late during the celebrations, he admitted that his family members were a bit hassled with his altered routines. However, Chopra also emphasized that they enjoyed these unique family moments spent laughing and reminiscing, staying awake till midnight.

The Personal Mantra

Chopra also spoke of his burning desire to compete in a large-scale international event in India. He used this opportunity to advise young athletes to prefer patience and adhering to the right processes instead of resorting to shortcuts. Observing these values could create a solid foundation for enduring success, embodied by Chopra’s own career.

In conclusion, Chopra’s insightful interaction shed light on his disciplined lifestyle, admiration for fellow athletes, and the importance of family time amidst a busy athletic career. His emphasis on patience over quick success provides a valuable lesson to the younger generation of athletes aspiring for long-term sporting excellence.

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