Golfing Glory: A Closer Look at the AIG Women’s Open


AIG Women’s Open 


  1. Introduction
  1. Qualification process
  1. Landscapes


The AGI Women’s open is a yearly golf championship which is held in the UK. It is one of the five most played tournaments in Women’s golf, others are: Ladies European League, EPSON Tour, LPGA. This AIG Women open competition start with the one of the best golf female players and it is four day long and crowned championship. Each of them plays a course of 18 holes in 4-day time period starts from Thursday to Sunday. The player who completes their 72 holes in less shots they will be declared winner. There is also a play-off period if any of the competitors finish with the same points which can be from 1-10 holes.

The prizes are funds had been showed an incline in prices won by the players. After the title sponsor in 2019 they have given huge prices to players. Total of 9 million Dollars had been funded in 2023 which is almost 20% hike in the price money. On the other hand, Lila Vu has picked nearly 1.35Million Dollars and after it what she said is this “The best crowd I’ve ever played [in front of] in my life”.

Qualification process

The Qualification process in AIG Women’s Open has a variety of exemption categories by which players has been pushed to the qualification. These exemptions will be published closer to the main events so that players would know.  Non-exempt players will able to qualify for the championship through pre-qualification and final qualification. Hence players are selected as if they have Qualified in every possible test. This qualification has always been interesting as several expert golf picks have eyes on the players so they would know who to bet.


The AGI Woman’s Open is one of the five majors Championships in the women’s game and is traditionally final one each year. The Major ones are

  • The Chevron Championship
  • The KPMG Women’s PGA Championship
  • The US Women’s Open
  • The Amundi Evian Championship

The Chevron Championship

There is a professional women’s golf competition called the Chevron Championship. Since its promotion to major status in 1983, this LPGA Tour event—one of the circuit’s five major championships—has usually taken place first in the season. Established in 1972 by singer and actress Dinah Shore and chairman of Colgate-Palmolive David Foster, it was performed at Rancho Mirage, California’s Mission Hills Country Club until 2022. The first-ever championship was held at The Club at Carlton Woods – Jack Nicklaus Signature Course in The Woodlands, Texas in 2023.

Women’s PGA Championship

The Women who have PGA Championship is an elite professional golf competition for women. Due to the sponsorship, it is also known as the KPMG Females PGA Championship. It was the first out of the LPGA Tour’s five majors, having been held in 1955. The Ladies European Tour, having fails to recognize any of the three championships played in the USA, also does not accept it as a grand.

The Ladies an Expert Golf Membership, or LPGA, had previously made known to 2014 that it would partner alongside the PGA of the United States and evolution its name to the Females PGA Championship starting with 2015. This would make it a sister event to the men’s PGA The championship, exactly as the U.S. Ladies Open is to the men’s the US Open.


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