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As a moving company in Birmingham with a long history, in the following lines we detail what a specialized moving service includes. Tasks such as packing and local movers large-scale furniture, protecting fragile objects or assembling and disassembling furniture will always be carried out with greater guarantees if a specialist performs them. Let’s start!

What does a good moving service offer?

Moving services cover everything from inventory and packaging of objects to transportation and placement in the new space. The team of professionals takes care of all the necessary tasks to make the transfer successful and comfortable. But let’s look at it in more detail.


When a moving service is hired, the team of specialists will carry out a detailed inventory of all the belongings and furniture that will be moved to know the scope of the work. This allows you to identify which objects are going to be moved and establish a basis for the service budget, as well as determine the time necessary to complete the move.

Packing tasks

It is also the task of the specialists to correctly pack the belongings and objects that are going to be transported, placing special emphasis on the packaging of fragile and delicate objects to prevent them from being damaged during transport.

Transport of packages

The moving service includes the transfer of packages from the place of origin to the destination. This is done with vehicles suitable for the size of the packages and taking into account, depending on the space occupied and fragility of each object, how they should be placed inside the truck to avoid damage. 

Prepare the furniture

Taking time to protect your furniture can help reduce the chance of damage. Here are some tips:

  • Packaging materials. Remember the plastic sandwich bags, blank labels, and permanent markers suggested earlier? These can be useful when disassembling tables, shelves and cribs. Additionally, plastic bags are good for storing nuts, bolts and washers, then sealing them with tape and securing them to the corresponding object before moving. It is more efficient and faster to reassemble items with multiple loose components when each bag has been properly labeled.
  • Wax the furniture. Wax fine wood objects to prevent scratches.
  • Place pillows and blankets in plastic garbage bags. Make sure you tie the bags tightly so that no debris gets in.
  • Wraps and protects furniture. Wrap important furniture in blankets or bubble wrap for added protection.

Assembly and disassembly of furniture

The furniture mover Company is also responsible for disassembling the furniture , but also for reassembling it in the new place. This task is carried out safely to avoid damage to belongings.

Location of furniture and belongings in the new space

To complete the work, the furniture and belongings are placed in the new place. This includes assembling the disassembled furniture in the room in which it will be placed. 

As you can see, a good removal company birmingham avoids problems and headaches. Are you going to move? Leave it in our hands and don’t worry about anything. Contact Me Removes Birmingham!


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