Everything You Need To Know About The Iconic Bomber Jackets For Men

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The bomber jackets (also known as Flight jackets) were originally made for aviation pilots to save them from cold in subzero temperatures during World War II. Most bomber jackets of recent times retain almost the same features that played an important role in their popularization. The bomber jackets can be identified as waist-cut length, front zipper closure, ribbed waistline, and rib-knitted cuffs. After the black leather jackets for men, the amazing men’s bomber jackets are the second most liked piece of outerwear and are considered an essential wardrobe staple. We have curated this guide with everything you will need to know before getting your hands on the iconic men’s bomber jackets.


Types Of Bomber Jackets:

  1. Leather Bomber Jacket

The premium men’s leather bomber jackets are known to exude an unmatched luxurious feel. These leather bomber jackets for men have been around for many years. They come in a fitted or semi-fitted silhouette and can be worn for casual as well as formal outings. If you are looking to include something classy yet sophisticated in your closet, the leather bomber jackets are a great choice. Brown-colored bomber leather jackets provide you with the utmost versatility, but you can also opt for black leather for Moto inspiration.

  1. B-3 Bomber Jacket

B-3 flight jackets originated back in the 1930s and are known for their sheepskin leather composition and shearling or heavy-duty sheep fur lining. You will find a wide range of lining options available for the B-3 Jackets. Along with that, this jacket is composed of a zipper front, a collar composed of leather straps, and two functional pockets on both sides. These jackets have remained a classic example of durability and quality craftsmanship throughout the decades.

  1. MA-1 Bomber Jacket

The MA-1 bomber jacket is composed of an elastic knit collar, soft lining, zipper on the front, and Nylon fabric. This jacket is not limited to its original composition that dates back in years but features many different styles and colors as well. Other than nylon, this jacket is made with real leather that is known to provide a high level of insulation. The MA-1 bomber jackets are a suitable piece of outerwear when the temperature begins to drop.

  1. Varsity Bomber Jacket

Varsity bomber jackets are also known as letterman or baseball jackets. These jackets feature a number of colors, designs, and patterns. This type of bomber jacket was commonly worn by college baseball teams in the USA back at the start of the twentieth century. And in recent times, it still has many similar features to that of a basic bomber jacket. The varsity bomber jackets are made of soft cotton or wool fabric, a classic varsity design, and ribbed collars, cuffs, and hem.

  1. Suede Bomber Jacket

A suede bomber jacket is a must-have wardrobe staple for every man. Due to its perfect blend of past and present, it has earned a rightful place among many fashion enthusiasts. The suede bomber jackets feature a simple and sophisticated design that makes them suitable for casual outings as well as fancy dinners. With a front zipper closure, hues of brown, and functional pockets, these jackets look best when paired with a button-down shirt and sweater.

Fabric Used For Men’s Bomber Jackets

The bomber jackets for men are crafted with several different materials, each with its own unique features.

  • Leather: The bomber jackets made with leather are heavier and the most durable among jackets made from other materials.
  • Nylon: A lightweight fabric that is a common choice of fabric in bomber jackets. The nylon bomber jackets are softer and offer great layering options.
  • Suede: Suede bomber jackets come with a napped finish, and their texture gives out cool and premium appearance to your outfits.
  • Cotton: Cotton is a natural fiber that has a soft and comfortable feel to it. Bomber jackets made with cotton are usually softer and easy to style for routine outfits.
  • Polyester: This material is known for its resistant properties against wrinkles and moisture. Bomber jackets made with polyester remain in good condition throughout their time and promise a wrinkle-free look.

Care and Maintenance

Maintaining the high quality of your bomber jackets requires some special care. You need to wash your bomber jacket from time to time and should spot-clean it on a daily basis. Along with that, you can invest in a good quality conditioner for your jacket that will prevent it from dryness and maintain its soft and supple texture for a good amount of time.

Wrapping Up

The men’s bomber jackets are an iconic piece of outerwear that has been a fashion statement as well as an essential wardrobe staple for years. After giving this guide a thorough read, you will surely find the different types, features, and other important things linked to the amazing bomber jackets, and you can make your next bomber jacket purchase a worthy investment.

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