What your morning erection is telling you about your health

What your morning erection is telling you about your health

The feeling of waking up to an erection, sometimes referred to as the nocturnal penile tumor is a typical event for men of all ages. It is often referred to as “morning wood,” these early morning and middle of the night sexual encounters can reveal important information regarding the overall health of your body. Knowing your normal functioning can aid in determining if something may be off or require care.

The Normal Physiology

The possibility of having multiple erections while in the rapid movement of your eyes (REM) asleep is a normal element of the sleep cycle that indicates that the body is functioning properly. When you are dreaming during REM sleep the brain transmits nerve signals to the penis, causing vasodilation, which is the expansion of blood vessels that fill the spongy erectile tissues.

Erections at night occur about three times in a typical night’s sleep. They last between 25 and 35 minutes for each. The most likely biological reason is to provide oxygenation to the penile tissues in order to ensure good penile function.

The majority of men, particularly healthy young men, get in the morning with an erection because of their timing REM cycles. As you age morning erections can diminish in frequency and rigidity due to lower testosterone. However, they are usually maintained in a certain degree for when overall health is in good shape.

It’s a Useful Health Barometer

The absence or presence of nocturnal erections may give insight into the root of health issues. Because sleep-related arousal isn’t affected by emotional stress or pressure, the connection between mind and body is not affected.

Inability to get REM sexual activity could indicate:

  • Blood flow problems in the veins that hinder blood flow
  • Hormonal imbalances, such as low testosterone levels.
  • Nerve issues that block nerve signals
  • Sleep disorders that interrupt REM cycles
  • Treatments to suppress sexual function
  • Anatomical issues that prevent blood loss

If you are unable to awake with morning wood talk to your physician, particularly in cases where you are having trouble getting erections even when you’re awake. Tests can help determine if there is a underlying issue that causes the problem.

Cardiovascular Signs

Since erections are heavily dependent on regular blood flow, your cardiovascular system and the heart must be functioning properly to trigger nighttime menstrual erections. The penis needs to increase by 2-3 times its normal blood volume in order to become an erect.

The regular morning erections indicate that your circulatory system is able to meet this need and efficiently deliver oxygenation to the tissues of the body. Thus, the absence of nighttime menstrual erections could signal the onset of problems with blood flow in the cardiovascular system before any more obvious symptoms are evident.

Examining for any underlying issues such as excessive cholesterol, hypertension and diabetes is a good idea in the event of a long-lasting shift in your normal nighttime erectile pattern. Being able to recognize and treat cardiovascular diseases early can stop its the progression.

Clues About Low T

The health of your erections is heavily dependent on the level of testosterone in your body. Testosterone increases sexual desire and powers the bodily systems involved in obtaining and keeping the erection.

Low testosterone, which is clinically referred to as hypogonadism is becoming more prevalent among men who are aging. One of the initial signs is usually fewer and less firm nighttime sexual erections. If you are experiencing this trend, you should have your testosterone levels assessed. The treatment under the supervision of a physician could help restore erectile capabilities to their normal levels when hormone levels are not adequate.

Psychogenic Factors

Some men find that the cause for morning erections could be mental rather than physical. Anxiety over performance could hinder erections and arousal even during sleep. Some psychological concerns to take into consideration include:

  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Poor body image
  • Fears of intimacy
  • Sexual shame
  • A history of sexual trauma

Therapy and counseling can often solve these issues, allowing the normal function of erections to return. Do not assume that changes in erection are only physical changes without looking at psychological factors. Sexual health is a reflection of mental health.

When to See a Doctor

Sometimes, morning erections may not be present. not a cause for alarm. Sleep cycles differ from between night and day. However, if you experience regular erectile issues while awake and you notice a long absence of erections during the night consult your doctor. This could indicate a root physical, hormonal or psychological problem that requires an evaluation.

Do not be afraid to discuss issues with your doctor about erectile dysfunction. There are a variety of treatments available today, including medication such as devices such as treatment with testosterone, stress reduction and counseling. Many men can regain satisfaction in erectile function and sexual intimacy with the right support. The diagnosis of the issue can be the very first thing to do.

Take the Positive Signs

In the absence of any other indications, morning erections are an excellent indicator of overall health – a positive indication that your body and your mind are in sync. If you are able to sleep well and awake with erections, this indicates:

  • Testosterone levels that are healthy
  • Effective vascular circulation
  • Normal nerve transmission
  • Sleep patterns that are good quality
  • Positive mental health

Consider these morning routine visitors as proof that you are functioning in a healthy way. Be aware if your normal routines change for long intervals that may require the need for a physical.

The Bottom Line

Don’t take your healthy morning erections for to be taken for granted. These innocuous and sometimes annoying wake-up calls can provide valuable information about your psychological and physical well-being. The sudden and continuous changes to your erectile cycle may indicate issues that require attention. However, waking up with a strong posture is likely to mean your body and mind are in a healthy balance.


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