Understanding Tax Residency Certificate (TRC): A Key to International Tax Planning


People all across the world are searching for new opportunities for a variety of reasons, such as improved quality of life and career progression. The UAE is unique in that it offers not just economic opportunities but also a higher standard of living and reduced taxes.


Understanding Tax Residency:

Your tax residency indicates which country requires you to file personal income tax. Even though most people only think of their own country, living abroad can result in a change in tax residency. 183 days is the general guideline, but there are certain exclusions. To take advantage of the tax benefits offered by the UAE, you must release yourself from your domestic tax obligations.


Acquiring UAE Tax Residency:

Enroll in one of the following programs to be eligible for UAE tax residency:

  •     You have financial interests in the UAE and live there as your primary residence.
  •     You stay in the UAE for at least 183 days out of a consecutive 12-month period.
  •     You have either permanent residency, UAE citizenship, run a business, or have been in the country for at least 90 days.


Ways to Obtain UAE Residency:

  •     UAE Golden Visa: For property investment, business ownership, or specialized talent.
  •     Green Visa: Open to freelancers, self-employed, and skilled employees.
  •     Employment Visa: Sponsored by a hiring company.
  •     Real Estate Visa: Requires property purchase of AED 1 million or more.
  •     Retirement Visa: For those aged 55 or above.
  •     Student Visa: Available for students and exceptional graduates.


Tax Residency Certificate (TRC):

For proof of tax residency, a TRC from the Federal Tax Authority is crucial. It’s attainable by residents or businesses operating in the UAE and requires residing for at least 180 days with a valid visa. PRO Partner Group, now BMS Auditing, can assist in obtaining and maintaining the trc certificate.


Final Steps:

The UAE’s commitment to legal reforms and foreign investment opens avenues for long-term residency. Choose a residency program aligned with your needs to embrace the tax advantages the UAE offers.


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How BMS Auditing Can Help:

Navigating UAE residency and tax obligations can be complex. BMS Auditing, with its expertise and direct access to government departments, streamlines the process. Let us guide you toward optimal UAE residency and tax benefits.


Contact BMS Auditing today to embark on your journey to tax-friendly living in the UAE!



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