Top NFT And Crypto Games To Watch In Web3 For 2024

Top NFT And Crypto Games To Watch In Web3 For 2024

Web3 games are innovatively booming in this digital space, where many players are fascinated by their magnifying benefits like ownership and earning opportunities. These web3 games have notably lured various gamers with amazing factors like NFTs, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and more. These games are just amazing because they offer the pleasure of fun and give exclusivity to the players with their rewards. These rewards can be gained by completing difficult tasks in the game. This allows the players to be active and earn in the marketplace. This combo of fun and rewards is always a hit in this digital age. 

Moreover, these web3 games are determined to change this gaming industry in the near future. They are also known for their active community, protected platform, and user transaction process transparency. If you are someone who wants to invest in web3 games, this blog will help you to know the top trending web3 games in 2024 to invest!

Top 5 Web3 Games Of 2024

Here is a list of web3 games to keep an eye on in 2024!


Shrapnel is an exclusive first-person extraction web3 shooting game. They are not only known for their incredible skins and collectibles but also for giving extraordinary virtual treats to the players in the game. They also have their own in-game native token known as SHARP, with which players can buy and sell skins, maps, guns, and other in-game collectibles within the gaming community. 

They have decided to launch this game on PC in 2024. This web3 game development is built with the basic core elements like NFTs and GameFi; moreover, they are built in the Avalanche subnet. They also have their exclusive player-creation tool feature, where they can design and create their own unique assets and set their game modes. This will further attract many players and make the whole gaming experience more fun and exciting. 


Metalcore is an exclusive sci-fi shooter web3 game set up in a future world known as Kerberos. This game involves finding and exploring assets or items in the gaming environment. Moreover, it involves one-to-one PvP (Player Versus Player), where all the players compete with each other to take control of a planet. This game has exclusive vehicles, tanks, airplanes, etc.

These games are expected to launch in 2024, where people can buy, sell, and even exchange their exclusive assets on the platform and earn income through it. They have used advanced technology and game engines for their game development like have used Unreal Engine, and have secured about a million in funding. 


Illuvium is considered an incredible and fun web3 game, which is an RPG (Role-playing game). This game is built on the Ethereum blockchain, where their governance is also based on the DAO. The players of the game can make all the decisions in the game. The players in this gameplay are in an open fantasy world where they are used to hunting and capturing powerful creatures known as alluvials.

This fantasy world is more like an alien world. The players will have an exclusive gaming environment and will get more detailed information about the regions in this game than in other web3 games. Moreover, They developed this game with Unreal Engine 4, and all their powerful creatures, collectibles, and other assets are in the form of NFTs. Players can buy, sell, and exchange it in the gaming marketplace and earn through them.

Star Atlas

Star Atlas is an extraordinary Solana blockchain-based web3 game. They are constructed in Unreal Engine 5, with very high-quality video games. Players can collect and have a highly engaging community to play a strategic game with other players. Furthermore, players can earn rewards like rare NFTs and cryptocurrencies by playing these games. 

This game also has its native in-game token known as ATLAS. This is very useful for the players to buy in-game assets like ships, weapons, skins, etc. This game has impeccable features like live playable features, etc., through which the players can earn passive income.


HoneyLand is an amazing strategic web3 game that has been very popular, and it launched recently around the world in the Apps Store. This game was built on the Solana network, where the players have to log in or sign in with their Google or Apple. Moreover, the players can make purchases of the in-game collectibles and pay through Apple Pay or Google Pay. 

Moreover, the players can buy or sell the NFTs in the gaming community using the HXD token. Now, Honeyland 2.0 is live, and the players can build a swarm of bees and collect rewards. They can also decorate their hives with more distinctive items. This web3 game offers players a more immersive and seamless gaming experience. 

Why Go For A Web3 Game Development Service To Create Special Web3 Games?

Web3 games magnify the gaming industry with their impeccable offerings, from ownership of the in-game assets to earning competencies. Moreover, players around the world are coming forward to invest in these games for their mind-blowing advantages and attributes. This will only lure the audience to your game, so partnering up with the best Web 3.0 game development company for a well-grounded web3 gaming marketplace is better. They will provide you with an exclusive marketplace with all your customization and preferred features and needs into the marketplace. Their experts in blockchain and gaming will ensure a game with a seamless experience for gamers.

Summing Up

Web3 games are trending and innovating in the gaming sector with their new genres and latest technologies. The 2024 is all set to provide the players with a combo of fun-related income. These games are just more than games for the players; they are an exclusive investment for them. They do get ownership and other exclusive features in these games. If you are looking to invest in the latest and trending web3 games, you can check out these above games to flourish in this web3 gaming sector.

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