Top 3 Music Converter Software for Mobile

Top 3 Music Converter Software

There are many music converter software are available for mobile. If you want then you are in the right place because here you get free music converter software. You can use this software to download music from youtube videos. Have you want this? Yes then read this complete article. 


A well-known music converter software is mp3juice. You can use this software on your mobile devices and download unlimited music files for free. There are two ways to convert music from video using this mp3juice tool like enter your music query in the input box or paste the video link in the input box. Mp3juice is available in different languages so you can access it in different countries in your native language. Using this tool you can download mp3 music fast speed. 

How to Download MP3?

  • First search “MP3Juices” on the browser
  • Then click on the top result from the result list
  • Open the website and search query with an input box
  • Then click on the search button
  • Get the result list on your query 
  • Click on the download button and wait to complete


Another popular music converter software is Yt1s. A simple interface and easy navigation process make this tool better than other music downloader tools. No limitation to downloading mp3 music using this yt1s tool. And is always safe and secure because you do not need to register and log in to access yt1s on your mobile devices. Different file formats are supported in this software. It’s a free tool where you can download mp3s and mp4. This tool is similar works as MP3 Juice.

How to Download MP3?

  • Open yt1s software on mobile
  • Type the music query or paste the video link on an input box
  • Get similar results that relate to your query
  • Click on the convert button and wait for a few seconds
  • After conversion complete click on the download button


Y2mate is also a music downloader tool that supports multi-language. Many quality features are provided by y2mate which you can use for free without paying money. Check out this software and download unlimited music on your mobile. 

How to Download MP3?

  • Open the y2mate tool on the browser
  • Enter your music query
  • Select the result and click on the download button
  • Then click on the click to generate the link option
  • After that, you get a download link
  • Click on it and wait for a few seconds

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