Tips To Search For An Expert Jewelry Appraisal Company

Jewelry Appraisal

Do you want to know the true value of your jewelry? If yes, then you must search for an experienced and expert jewelry appraisal company. You must know the correct worth of your jewelry pieces if you want to get them insured. If you want to make some money selling your jewelry, then also you will need to get a jewelry appraisal in NYC.

A qualified jewelry appraiser can find out the correct market value of your coveted pieces using their expertise. They will provide a certified jewelry appraisal for insurance, which will be accepted by almost all insurance companies.

Online jewelry valuation or appraisal is an easy way to find out the replacement value of your jewelry from the comfort of your home. Prestige Valuations is a leading appraisal company that provides certified appraisal documents. They have experts for jewelry, watches and handbag appraisals.

About Jewelry Appraisal

Wondering what is jewelry appraisal? A jewelry appraisal is a document prepared by an expert appraisal company. It assigns an accurate value to your precious jewelry piece. An appraiser provides the correct value by considering various factors such as condition, brand, quality of diamonds and gemstones, craftsmanship and metal used.

Types of Jewelry Appraisal

Various types of jewelry appraisals are done as per the requirement and purpose:

Appraisal to Know The Replacement Value

Jewelry appraisal for insurance is done to find out the accurate replacement value of your jewelry item. An appraiser will write an amount equivalent to the worth of your item if it has to be replaced in case of loss, damage or burglary. This retail replacement value is normally higher than your jewelry’s fair market value.

This amount is higher because of the labor cost, materials and diamonds cost to remake or replace your coveted item. To ensure you are not under covered, you need to get a replacement value appraisal for your jewelry collection. It is recommended to get this appraisal done every 2 to 4 years.

Appraisal to know the Fair Market Value

At times you need cash and want to sell your precious jewelry pieces. In that case, you will have to know its fair market value. This value is derived depending on the current market situation and the value of similar items in the market. The condition of the piece is also taken into consideration.

Appraisal to know the Liquidation Value

This type of appraisal comes into the picture mostly in estate liquidations or divorce settlements. This appraisal value is mostly lower than the fair market value.

What details are mentioned in the Appraisal Document?

The appraisal document will feature the description of the jewelry piece. There will be a mention of the quality of diamonds and gemstones. Their sizes and weight will be mentioned, along with the settings and mounting details. Brand and designer along with craftsmanship and design will also be written in the document.

What are the qualifications of a Jewelry Appraiser?

When you search for a jewelry appraiser, look for a professional valuer who has expertise and experience in valuing all types jewelry. The appraiser must be qualified to appraise jewelry. They might be a graduate of the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). Specialized training in gemology and jewelry manufacturing is essential.

An appraiser accredited by the GIA can be hired for appraising your items. He must be qualified in the field of jewelry appraisal. The qualified valuer will have the skills and knowledge to assess the diamonds, gemstones and precious metals accurately.

A professional who can assess the pieces without any bias using ethical practices is the perfect person. The valuer needs to be fair and accurate in appraising the pieces. Being a professional, he must maintain confidentiality.

How to Search for a Professional Appraisal Company

Below we are mentioning a few tips so that you can easily find a professional appraisal company:

  • You can research on the internet for a certified and professional appraisal company. You can go through review websites, such as Google reviews. You can find easily experienced appraisers online.
  • You can also explore the website of The National Association of Jewelry Appraisers (NAJA). It’s an organization of appraisers.
  • You can get the appraisal done by a local jewelry store staff. Or they can recommend someone in and around the area.
  • Even your insurance company can suggest some professional online jewelry valuation.
  • You can also ask for recommendations from your friends, colleagues or family.

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