Tips To Build Shelters For Stray Dogs With Packaging Materials


What do you want the world to be like? Compassionate, loving, caring and peaceful? Of course, yes. These are some of the things which we would definitely like to have in the world. Although we may not have realised how important these things are years ago, however, now when the world is turning more chaotic, we understand how valuable it is to be compassionate, loving and caring in this world. It is not that you need to shower this love and affection only to humans, rather these are applicable to everyone including animals and nature. It is high time for us to understand the fact that the world runs only with co-existence, and if we do not learn to live in harmony with animals and plants, we are definitely on the verge of not just destroying ourselves but the entire world. Therefore, whenever you get a chance, help whoever is in need. You must have many stray dogs and cats in your neighbourhood. Some of you must be feeding them as well. And some of them must be providing them with shelters as well. If you are doing so, you are definitely an angel. You can even build amazing shelters for these stray animals with your innovative ideas. You just need to have some packaging supplies which you can easily get from anywhere.

In this article we shall be looking at some of the tips which you can follow to build shelters for stray dogs or cats with the help of packaging materials. It is a suitable option, because you will get the materials easily, it is easy to build, it is affordable and most importantly it is eco-friendly as well. Known for their strength, durability, affordability, customizability and sustainability, these packaging materials can help you not just in building a shelter, but a strong shelter which can sustain all kinds of situations. Various websites such as Packaging Midlands and so on provide you with the best quality of affordable, strong and eco-friendly protective packaging which you can use not just for shipping and storing items, rather for building dog shelters as well.

Let us now have a look at some of the tips which you can follow to build shelter for stray dogs with packaging.

Choose correct materials

The first thing you need to do is to choose the correct materials for building a shelter. Materials such as cardboard boxes, foams and plastics are some of the suitable options to build shelters for stray dogs. Cardboard boxes are in fact the best options to build dog shelters. It is because, cardboards or cardboard boxes are easily available, they are strong and durable and come with insulating properties which ensure a comfortable stay for the stray dogs within the shelter. Make sure that the materials which you are using to build the shelter are non toxic and completely safe for the animals to stay there comfortably. Do not use materials for building the shelters which come with sharp edges and which are potentially hazardous.

Design the shelter properly

Design the shelter in such a way that it ensures comfort and safety for the dogs. It should be simple, functional and durable. Most often, the A-frame structure which is the basic one works well for designing the shelter for the dogs. Hence, go for this structure as it will provide you with all the characteristics which are looking for a shelter. This structure provides stability and protection from different elements. Make sure that it is elevated so that it can sustain flooding during heavy rain. Take proper care of the dimensions of the shelter so that the dog fits well inside it and it gets enough comfort and space inside the shelter.

The process of assembling

Speaking about the construction process, the step involves breaking down the packaging products into flat panels. It further involves assembling the flat panels to give the shelter a desired shape. In order to connect the cardboard panels you can even use non toxic adhesive. Apart from that you can fold the panels and then interlock them securely. Add additional layers for providing stability to the shelter. You can even cut foam and plastic in different shapes and then fit them as per the specific requirements in the design.

Summing up

These are some of the tips which you can follow to build shelters for stray dogs. Apart from that use such materials which ensure that the shelter is weatherproof, provides insulation and ventilation to the dogs. Create a community to build multiple shelters in your locality and clean and maintain the shelter from time to time so that the shelter remains strong and durable for a long period of time. Buy cardboard boxes and other packaging materials which meet all the characteristics mentioned in this article for building a dog shelter.

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