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If they haven’t already, this is the time of year when vacationers plan their trips. Americans are especially keen to get some fresh air and get out of town to see loved ones after a few challenging years of constraints and continuous inflation.

Using data from the Department of Transportation and the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, Bounce compiled a list of travel tips for the forthcoming Christmas season for use bounce promo code .

Air travel is officially back in 2022, and demand has skyrocketed. Thanksgiving-related airfare fares have risen by 43% since 2021, according to the travel firm Hopper.

In fact, from 2017 to 2021, prices tended to climb in the fourth quarter of the year compared to the third. Prices have progressively recovered to pre-pandemic levels over the last two years. Not only are airfares increasing, but Delta Airlines pilots have just threatened to go on strike if they cannot reach an agreement with the company. The potential strike may not take place right now because the pilots must first obtain approval from the National Mediation Board. Even still, it’s enough to make travelers nervous and wonder if other airlines would follow suit.

Continue reading for tips on how to travel comfortably during the holidays.

To save money, book your travel reservations in advance.

There were numerous delays and cancellations during this year’s summer travel, both locally and overseas. Despite rising airfares, tourists are hoping for better luck during the holidays.

According to a PricewaterhouseCoopers survey from 2022, 47% of American consumers plan to travel for the holidays. So, when is the best time to book flights for your vacation?

Depending on the season, Google Flights discovered that the best periods to book for holiday travel varied; nonetheless, 52 days before Thanksgiving and 22 days before Christmas offered the lowest average rates.

Although the chances of acquiring a last-minute plane ticket are slim, you could still try searching travel websites. Holiday airfare can also be reduced by considering flights with layovers, which are typically 20% less expensive than nonstop flights. You might also choose an airline that does not charge extra for bag check-in.

Consider less expensive modes of transportation, such as buses and trains.

Holiday flight travel can be pricey, especially if tickets are purchased after September. At that moment, travelers can examine other options. Trains and buses are more practicable in cities, however state ferries may be an option in less populated areas.

One advantage of taking the train during work hours is that you will most likely have access to alternate.

Never carry perishable items on a trip.

Although the TSA recommends storing canned foods in checked baggage, passengers are normally able to bring canned items on their flights. The majority of canned products contain more liquid than is permitted (3.4 ounces or less per item), making them difficult for x-ray devices to read and potentially necessitating further screening.

If you’re carrying Thanksgiving leftovers on a trip, be sure frozen goods like soups and ice cream are absolutely firm and not melted or sloppy before passing through security. Pies and other baked goods are permitted, but they may undergo screening. Each traveler may check in as many as 1.3 liters of wine or other alcoholic beverages in small bottles.

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