The Most Played PC Games Currently Available on Android


The pixelated Snake II that came with the venerable Nokia 3310 was the most gaming a mobile phone could offer when they first started to gain popularity in the 1990s with matrix display phones. Undoubtedly, things have evolved, and mobile devices may now offer a far better gaming experience than they did a few years ago. Thanks to modern smartphones’ hardware support, you can now play the top 10 PC games on your Android device. If you’re a die-hard GTA fan, you should also check out subauthor stay updated to learn everything there is to know about playing GTA V on mobile.

Now, let’s explore some of the most well-liked games that developers created in response to requests from Android users;

PUBGM on Android

A few years ago, Player’s Unknown Battlegrounds gained popularity among mainstream gamers and has since grown to become something of an internet hit. The game’s popularity has reached such heights that news from across the globe was generated by its mobile version, yet the gameplay is still flawless, making it even more stunning.

Along with 99 other players, you are marooned by a parachute on a variety of islands, with only the fittest remaining. Land quickly so that you can gather guns, ammunition, and supplies before the others show up and begin the battle for your life. To survive the showdown, you must navigate through the center of the open-world map and even form alliances with your friends as the play zone gets smaller.

Mobile Basketball on NBA LIVE

Nobody uses gaming consoles to play sports games like Electronic Arts does, particularly when it comes to the NBA series. The latest mobile version of the thrilling basketball game maintains all the excitement on a larger screen while adapting to a smaller one. Start by assembling your team, then add players to trade off and destroy your rivals. All the while, act as a coach to assist your team in strengthening their defenses, run-and-gun strategy, and overall game standard. To further immerse the player in the game, assistance with everyday tasks that relate to actual NBA events is included to all of this.

Game of Thrones: San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas elevated the standard for open-world PC and console games, which had been set for decades by Rockstar Games’ GTA series. The game, which lets you play as Carl Johnson (CJ), is now playable on Android smartphones and has unprecedented open-world graphics along with easy-to-use controls.

Because of rival gangs and corruption, the entire city of Los Santos, San Andreas, is up for grabs, providing CJ with the perfect chance to succeed big time. With over 70 hours of story action, a sizable gaming area, and incredibly smooth graphics, the revamped Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is sure to wow.

In Minecraft

Did you ever imagine that the whole endless universe of Minecraft would make its way to mobile devices, after spending hours watching people construct fortresses in a pixelated world? Explore a limitless environment where you can create anything you want, from smashing trees to build a lodge to piling stones to build a magnificent castle. Gather materials to make weapons, stay united with your allies while grotesque hordes attack, and survive as night falls in a place full of hidden dangers.
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Miami Hotline

Hotline Miami is evidence that a fantastic and engaging game can succeed without demanding graphics on a GPU. As the protagonist and an anti-hero avatar, you live in a pixelated world where violence is rampant, set in Miami in the late 1980s. Life isn’t simple when there are opponents around every corner, but it’s up to you to smash through them, one skull at a time. The rich soundtrack makes the entire game come to life as you slice through the murder and mayhem to extend your life.

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