Shopify Vs Magento: Which One Suites Best for Your Online Store?


If you made your mind to drag your business digitally by forming an online store or transitioning your existing business to another platform, two choices come in your mind. Your mind just deviating between two leading eCommerce platforms i.e., Shopify and Magento. So, everything now ends the comparison of Shopify vs Magento. Each platform is different in various respects and they are ideal in diverging scenarios depending on the business needs. 

Planned to develop online presence for your business through one of these eCommerce platforms, you need to perform two things.

  • Should know about pros and cons of Shopify and Magento
  • Proceed with IT Staff Augmentaton Services for expertise to avoid the emergence of any issue.

Thus, take a dive in this write-up having everything regarding Shopify and Magento and pick which one you find suitable for your business. 

Shopify vs Magento: An Overview of Differences

Let’s not waste any time and start with knowing how shopify and Magento are differing from each other. The first and foremost difference is about how each of the platform is hosted. Shopify is a hosted platform, it means that you don’t have to worry about the hosting after developing your own website. On the other hand, Magento is an open-source platform that demands you to host your own website. So, it requires you all to perform one step more that adds up a level of effort or complexity before a person can have theur website live and running. 

The second huge difference that justify the title “Shopify vs Magento” is the features and functionalities offered by each platform. Shopify is quite easy and simple to us but it shows a imitations when comes to features and customization options. Conversely, magento is complex to use but it provides a lot more advanced features ancd customization alternatives.

The third noticeable variance between the shopify and magento is their price point. Shopify is more affordable and don’t burn a hole in your pocket. It have multiple alternatives according to the business needs whereas Magento is high demanding or costly. 

Pros & Cons of Shopify

Shopify continues to be the preferred option for most of the businesses. It takes a huge share of the eCommerce market and for good reason. The Shopify shows a lot of options always going and become a first choice in myriad of industries. Here are some of the advantages that can make you compel to hire shopify developer to host your online presence. 

  • Effortless to use with an intuitive drag and drop interface
  • Diverse library with numerous options of themes and templates
  • 24/7 customer assistance or support without any hassle
  • Wide series of in-built or pre-existed payment processors
  • Comprehensive app store
  • Reasonable and scalable pricing plan
  • No need to possess in-depth coding skills for basic stores

If advantages of shopify exist, it should be the case that there present some drawbacks as well. Here are some of the eminent disadvantages of Shopify are highlighted.

  • Limited or Short range of inventory or fulfilment options
  • Restrcited Customization options
  • Selling limitations only when performed Internationally
  • Not apt for the large-scale business unless and until they come on the enterprise plan

Pros & Cons of Magento

Magento is an effective, powerful, and versatile eCommerce platform and is quite renowned among the larger businesses. If you have a large level business, you should definitely look to hire Magento Developer to start with your business online.

Highlighted are the advantages for a business when they move further with Magento. Take a look at the following. 

  • Scope of high customization
  • Huge capabilities of International shopping
  • Extensive inventory and choices under fulfilment alternatives
  • Robust content management system for increased efficiency

Just like Shopify, Magento also have a series of demerits so it is necessary to know abot thrice as well. 

  • Need to host the website on your own
  • More complex than Shopify when it comes to the usage
  • Demands for the knowledge of more technical stuff
  • No assistance for every time and more limited technical support resources

Shopify vs Magento: Which one is ideal for your business?

It depends totally on the budget, requirements, business type, and goals that which one out of Shopify vs Magento is ideal for your business. 

Shopify is best fit for your business if:

  • When you are a small or medium sized business trying to set up online store as soon as possible.
  • When you are a single person and single-handedly running the business.
  • In case of promoting your brand or products on social media platforms or at your existing or current website.

Magento is perfect choice for your business if:

  • You are a large scale business with a heavy budget
  • You possess expertise of coding and want to build a custom online store 
  • You prefer the liberty to build engaging or custom templates and themes

Bottom Line

Here, the debate on Shopify vs Magento ends and every thing needs to know is specified over there. It’s time for you to make your decision whether to go with Magento or Shopify by keeping your business requirements in your mind. Any moment, when you find yourself stuck or feel the need of any kind of expertise, reach out to OrangeMantra. Hire Dedicated software developers from our team and get rid of any issue that you are facing. 


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