Sephora Credit Card Payment Guide

Sephora Credit Card Payment Guide

Sephora is the French multinational beauty products and personal care brand with nearly 350 plus brands including HUDA beauty, Coto beauty, Kat Von D. The Sephora collection includes various items such as skincare , cosmetics, nail colour, perfume and fragrance, beauty tools , hair care , body care . The name came from the Greek spelling of zipporah, wife of Moses. 

Sephora was founded 55 years ago in 1969 , Paris, France . Currently, they have more than 2600 retail shops around 34 countries worldwide and generate revenue of more than 5 billion dollars. 

Sephora online marketing expansions

Sephora launched its first online store in America, 1999 and in Canada, 2003 . In 2016 Sephora launched its first smartphone application design that was called  ‘made manifest’ by software and applications designer of Apple , Dennis Hornstra. It has a unique feature in which digital programs teach how to contour your skin by following correct steps which depend upon the different facial features. Users have to upload their picture , then they receive their custom – made makeup look by combining different makeup products and shades. 

Why do people like Sephora products? 

Sephora is considered an expensive product. Like one has to think before buying products from this brand, but still women can’t resist their desire from purchasing these products. Sephora is not famous because of its international brands but for its quality and service to make good relations with their customers. By service, they provide good customer support, quick response ,  amazing discounts on special occasions and sephora credit card payment 

Every luxury brand provides their own  credit card payment for their regular customer. All the credit cards of Sephora issued by the Comenity bank commonly known as the Sephora Comenity Bank . There are two types of Sephora credit Card pay bill method. 

  • Sephora visa credit card
  • Sephora visa signature credit card 

Sephora visa credit card

  In this there is zero Balance transfer fee, Foreign traction fees, annual fees and intro APR . But there is a 31.00% regular APR. They provide a 25% discount on your first purchase when you open and use your credit card within 30 days of account opening as a welcome bonus. As a reward they provide 4% back in rewards in both online and offline stores and 2x beauty insider points per one dollar at Sephora. But it gives a small welcome bonus, limited offer , high APR and reward expired within 90 days from the day of issue.

Sephora visa signature credit Card 

 In this there is zero annual and intro APR fee. But there is a 5% or 10 dollars balance transfer fee and 3% of each transaction in US dollars as the Foreign transaction fee. As a welcome bonus they provide a 25% discount on your first order within 30 days to account issues with 20 dollars off on your first 500 dollars spent outside the Sephora within the first 90 days of account opening. But this credit has the same drawbacks such as a small welcome bonus, High APR , offer expires within 90 days to issue, limited offer. 


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