Saving Money on Ola Rides with Credit Cards


Ola allows users to book rides using their credit cards and, in some cases, offers discounts or rewards for doing so. For example, Ola may offer a 10% discount on rides booked with a credit card. Additionally, some credit cards offer rewards for using Ola, such as airline miles or cash back. So, do you have a credit card and are thinking right now whether your card has this feature or not? Well, we have sorted out some popular credit cards with Ola cab ride offers; this will help you find out. Let’s take a look.

Ola’s Credit Card Discounts and Rewards

Ola frequently introduces enticing offers for users who choose to pay with credit cards. This could range from straightforward discounts on ride fares to lucrative cashback and reward point programs. For instance, Ola might extend a 10% discount on rides when booked with a credit card. Moreover, certain credit cards sweeten the deal by offering users additional rewards, such as airline miles or cashback, for opting to ride with Ola.

If you’re pondering whether your credit card comes with these benefits, we’ve compiled a list of popular credit cards with Ola cab ride offers. Let’s explore these options and discover how you can make the most of these credit card perks.

List of Best Credit Cards for Ola Rides

Tackle your morning rush or unexpected late nights with these credit cards that promise to make your Ola rides more affordable:

OLA Money SBI Card: 7% Reward Points on Every Ola Ride!

– Imagine earning 7% Reward Points on every Ola ride! OLA Money SBI Card ensures a seamless cashback experience by effortlessly crediting your OLA Money Wallet. Each Reward Point you accumulate is equivalent to Re.1, making your rides doubly rewarding.

DigiSmart Credit Card: Enjoy a Fantastic 15% Cashback!

– Are you tired of expensive Ola rides? The DigiSmart Credit Card is here to the rescue, offering an impressive 15% cashback on all your Ola journeys. With monthly savings of up to ₹600, this card adds a touch of luxury to your commute. Say goodbye to overpriced rides and hello to savings and comfort.

Axis Bank ACE Credit Card: Generous 4% Cashback with No Limit!

   – Elevate your Ola experience with the Axis Bank ACE Credit Card, delivering a generous 4% cashback on all your Ola expenditures. The best part? There’s no upper limit on your cashback earnings. With a steady 2% flat rate, this card ensures unlimited cashback, providing a consistently rewarding experience whenever you choose Ola.


In conclusion, your credit card can be more than just a payment tool; it can be your ticket to more affordable and rewarding Ola rides. As Ola continues to redefine urban transportation, credit card partnerships open up avenues for users to enjoy exclusive benefits.

Before you embark on your next Ola journey, take a moment to check if your credit card aligns with any ongoing promotions or partnerships. Whether it’s earning reward points, enjoying cashback, or unlocking exclusive discounts, these credit card perks can significantly enhance your commuting experience.

So, don’t just book an Ola ride; make it a savvy, cost-effective choice by leveraging the power of your best credit card. Explore the offerings of OLA Money SBI Card, DigiSmart Credit Card, and Axis Bank ACE Credit Card to discover how you can save on your rides while enjoying the comfort and convenience that Ola has to offer. Transform your daily commute into a rewarding experience, one Ola ride at a time.

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