Revolutionizing Spaces: The Unmatched Benefits Of Metal Garages


In a country where more than 90% of people own at least one car, it becomes necessary to have a parking space. Yes, we are talking about American households. Almost every home buyer prefers to get a property with at least one garage. The reason is simple. A garage holds either a car or is used as a storage space by the majority of Americans. That’s why garages are an essential part of your property. They don’t have to be fancy but functional.

That’s why we propose you take a look at metal garages as your car shed and storage solution. Get set, and let’s go…

Durable & Robust

Endurance is the second name for steel. They can sustain high-speed wind, snow load, heavy rain, or even seismic activities. Certified steel garages can even withstand extreme weather. Being pest-resistant, fire-resistant, and resilient to mold and mildew, it is one of the most durable structures you can build.

Energy Efficient

You can install HAVC in your garage if you spend a few hours of your weekend doing DIY projects. However, to reduce energy bills, you add skylight for natural lighting, windows and vents for air circulation, and insulation to prevent moisture buildup. The more control your indoor temperature is, the less the HAVC system has to work.

You can even take it up a notch by installing solar panels on your garage’s steel roof. Steel roofs are sturdy and can bear a load of solar panels easily. You can also paint your roof with a reflective roof, reflecting most of the sunlight.

Custom Design

Modern metal builders offer a wide range of customization features. From sizing to adding doors, windows, skylights, and even colors, you name it. Thanks to advancing innovation, now you also have an option for weathering steel. This type of steel develops a rust-like patina and self-heal when it rusts. You also do not need to paint this kind of structure.  

Low Aftercare

Steel does not rot or decay as time passes. That implies the structure you have today will stand firmly tomorrow. Hence, changing rotten posts and panels won’t be an annual expense. In addition, you don’t need to paint or stain your steel car garage as the paint from a certified manufacturer lasts for 5 years or even more.

Speaking of cleaning, you can use your regular garden hose, a pressure washer, and a mild detergent. That’s it. If you notice any minor rust, you can fix it promptly with the help of sandpaper, primer, and oil paint.  

Vehicle Protection

Imagine this: your car is parked outside on the street. Some kids in the neighborhood are playing baseball. Suddenly, one home run and the ball ends up on your front seat, breaking your side window. If that does not sound good, imagine this: someone’s in a hurry. They quickly draw their car out and drive as fast as they can, unintentionally knocking off your side mirror and scratching off the side door paint.

Both of the above-mentioned situations can be avoided by installing a garage on your property. Your vehicle will remain safe and sound. Not only that but parking your car in a dedicated garage will give you some advantages when you go out to buy insurance premiums.

Standard Car Steel Garages With Dimensions

In general, a single-car garage should be 12 x 20 feet, a two-car garage should be 20 x 20 feet, and a three-car garage should be 30 x 20 feet. Have a look at some examples below:


Type Of Metal Garage Size

(in ft.)


(in ft.)

One car with some storage space 20 x 25 08
Two cars with some storage space 36 x 40 14
Three cars parking with storage space 30 x 50 10
All-purpose garage 22 x 40 12
Vertical garage workshop 24 x 40 09

Cost Effective

The cost of a one-car garage starts at $3,300 and above. Note that if you choose to customize your metal garage and add storage space, the price will rise from $9,000 to 15,000 depending upon the customization, location, labor cost & local building codes.

We recommend opting for all vertical galvanized steel with certification for the best garage that outlasts you. You can ask your metal dealers to know more about it.

Property Value

A garage can increase your home value by 11%. Yes, you read that right. Installing a steel garage on your property gives you storage and a car park and adds up your property’s resale value; what else do you need?

Storage Space

When installing a steel garage, ensure you have extra room for storage, or else your items will be lying inside, and your car will be outside. That won’t be an effective use of a metal car garage. To make the most out of your metal garage, try to keep your storage as organized as possible. For example, you can install the following:

  • Vertical racks, shelves, and cabinets
  • Sturdy hooks
  • Overhead storage unit

Various Uses of Metal Garages 

Residential Use:

  • Car parking
  • Storage unit
  • Workshop
  • Home office
  • Personal gym
  • Art studio
  • Tool & garden shed
  • Man cave / she shed
  • Greenhouse

Commercial Use:

  • Office parking lot
  • Small retail store
  • Coffee shop
  • Commercial gym or yoga center
  • Hardware shop
  • Commercial storage unit

These are some examples of how metal garages can be used on a daily basis. Additionally, they also have applications in agricultural & community centers as they require pretty low aftercare.

Considering All These

Now that you know so much about steel garages, it is evident that you will be drawn towards them. To make your purchase even more seamless, we suggest you take a look at the following list to ensure you have the best deal for your bucks.

  • Always purchase from a verified metal building dealer. Ask for their industry experience. Have a look at their website and social media profile to learn about public reviews and feedback.
  • Next, when buying, ensure that the structure you want complies with your local building codes and you have the permit to install. You can talk to your HOA or zoning office about it.
  • Now comes the raw materials. Request for quotes from various dealers and compare them. Go with the one that is most reasonable.

When you’re making a purchase, be sure to examine the details carefully. Sometimes, a metal dealer may charge you more, but they may also offer delivery and installation services as part of the package. In cases like this, it could be a good deal overall. We hope you find this information helpful.


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