Revolutionizing Recruitment: Unveiling the Power of Digital Strategies and Taggd’s Role in Modern Hiring


There has been a radical shift in the hiring procedure. Two of the oldest techniques of hiring, phone interviews, and newspaper advertisements, have long ago vanished from the recruitment landscape. To attract top talent, every business nowadays has to use digital recruiting tactics.

As a result, article has put together this in-depth guide to help you comprehend the many digital recruiting tactics for hiring candidates that are out there and how to utilize them to draw in and employ the top applicants online.

Regardless of your level of expertise in the recruiting industry or with human resources, this book will be helpful. It’s time to get started now.

What is Digital Recruitment?

Technology, particularly digital platforms, is employed in digital recruitment to attract prospects and hold their interest throughout the hiring process. Recruiters may access a far larger talent pool by using methods like social media and online job boards, thanks to digital recruiting. Ten years ago, the hiring process was still done by hand.

In the hiring process, at least the majority of the processes were completed by hand. But everything is digital these days. However, in order for almost all organizations to remain competitive, digital recruiting is now a need.

What is a digital recruitment platform?

One “digital recruitment platform” that recruiters may utilize to enhance and expedite their sourcing, applicant tracking, screening, scheduling, and onboarding procedures is Taggd. Recruiters employ a variety of digital tools and technology, including social networking, application tracking systems, and video interview platforms, to identify and choose the top prospects.

Having Trouble Hiring the Right Personnel 

  • Extra Procedures: 

Finding talent via more traditional means could take some time. It might take a few weeks or even months from posting a job to receiving an offer letter. As a result, costs increase, and it becomes more difficult to locate suitable employees on time. 

  • The Effect on Upcoming Leaders: 

A deluge of applications is received for every job ad because of the increasing use of digital media and job-search websites. Sometimes, there are even more applications than there are suitable applicants for the job. It would take a long time to go through every application, and it couldn’t determine who was the most qualified. 

  • Stress the Importance of Doing Excellent Work: 

Rather than prioritizing the receipt of as many applications as possible, we should make sure that only extraordinarily talented individuals are chosen. It could take a lot of work to find individuals who meet the requirements and blend in with the culture. 

  • Complete Comprehension of the Applicant:

Applying for jobs could not be a fun experience if the hiring procedure takes an inordinately long time. If the interview process is lengthy and unpleasant, potential employees won’t even consider working for your company. 

Taggd’s Method for Using Automation to Improve Candidate Enrichment 

Leverage the capabilities of Taggd hiring solutions designed to optimize and mechanize the entire recruiting procedure. The management of duties such as posting job openings, evaluating candidates, and verifying documentation fall under the purview of our system. Businesses possess a significant competitive edge due to the cost-effectiveness and enhanced efficiency of the hiring and selection process brought about by automation.  

The observation of a significant decline in the turnover rate of Indian enterprises has been supported by the results of multiple studies. In 2022, the percentage decreased from 25% to 18%, as reported by Decoding Jobs 2023 India. This represents a substantial decline. Noting its diminishment is appropriate. A substantial proportion of our achievements might be attributable to the implementation of skills-based recruitment strategies, which enabled us to discern and select outstanding candidates for our position. In the contemporary labour market characterized by intense competition, employers prioritize distinctive personal qualities and competencies over a four-year academic degree. In recent times, substantial progress has been made in the fields of industry and information technology (IT). 

  • Extensive Evaluation 

Talent evaluation has always been simpler than it is with Taggd. Many employability characteristics are examined during the application assessment. These qualities include behavioral, technical, linguistic, functional, and psychometric aspects. With our patented Taggd Score (t. score) grading system, recruiters may quickly and easily identify the best applicant for their organization. Recruiters may utilize a score that is prominently displayed for each applicant profile to expedite their screening process. It also satisfies 90% of the data needs for effective recruitment. 

  • Essential for the Quality Check: 

Recruiters review several applicant profiles, considering qualifications, experience, and skills, among other things. It is easy to get the information from any place since it is available online. 

  • An Assessment of SMEs’ Performance: 

Recruiters often ask applicants to take part in online behavioural rounds and subject-matter expert rounds. Workplace productivity is raised since the website may provide reports that are simple for the whole recruiting team to see. Notifications are also sent to the relevant parties at the conclusion of each phase. 

Beyond the use of technology, they are dedicated to improving the employment process. Their organization is composed of two separate groups, which are as follows: 

  • Attracting Focus: The Client Success Team 

Our Customer Success team successfully drives market interest in open opportunities through regular and frequent connections with relevant parties. They improve the recruiting process and deliver a steady supply of job vacancies by employing Taggd and client platforms. 

  • Their Internal Resource—the Centre of Team Knowledge 

Having a solid pool of applicants is crucial, and the personnel at Knowledge Hub are professionals at it. They give the candidates the Customer Success department needs to satisfy demand. Optimizing their efforts and methods with the most recent market data assures a continual flow of eligible applications. 

The capacity to attract new personnel is vital to any organization, but in today’s tight labour market, it may take a lot of work to do so. Taggd provides a creative and efficient answer to these difficulties with their Candidate Enrichment Methodology. We assist organizations in effectively and successfully recruiting top people by reducing procedures, concentrating on improving the candidate experience and providing high-quality work. 

To conclude: 

Taggd is a web-based recruitment tool that unearths remarkable applicants who may not match the traditional application profile. Our state-of-the-art technology enables us to link people with firms that are a great fit for each other based on their specific capabilities and interests.   

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