Review, Summary, and Analysis: Parasite (2019)

Parasite 2019

If you are a binge watcher and are always quick to come and stroll in the library of streaming platforms you must have to watch Parasite movie, then you must be aware of the frenzy of Korean content these days. It is not wrong to claim that their content has plagued the generation. 

It all started with the famous K-pop, BTS, then the fever of some critically acclaimed movies and shows like Squid Game took the audience in the rage, and then gradually, their shows and movies paved their way into our streaming feed, and brooking the spot of watching now in just an instance. 

Now that your watching list is inundated with Korean tales, that gives you butterflies in your stomach. You must be thinking that Korean content is all about lovey duvet characters and sweet romance. But let us burst your bubble and give you a quick reminder about the movie that shattered all the glass ceilings with its compelling and utterly moving anecdote. 

And that is Parasite. A cinematic masterpiece that will make you question your sanity and opinions about everything that you know of society, their standards, and human dispositions. With the astounding creation of Bong Joon-ho, this sensational buzz has taken the world by storm. 

Therefore, if you have missed the ride, then hop on the board and relinquish the journey on Hulu. no matter if you access this K-Content on Hulu from anywhere. You are assured to get your hands on the masterpiece. 

Now, let us delve into the deep waters on which the enigma of the movie floats. A deft blend of dark humor, suspense, and social commentary, that will immaculately pull your heartstrings. 

From the very beginning of the movie, Parasite will typically portray the world of contrasts. It is a tale of two families, that are complete opposites, the wealthy Parks and the struggling to earn a livelihood, Kim’s family.  Whose lives will accidentally get tangled. 

Would like to take a moment to appreciate the mind-blowing acting of the cast. That made us teary-eyed by their astounding performance. And made us believe that this discriminative-themed story and the characters are real-time, and would go to any lengths to survive. 

Other than acting, the direction of the movie hit the nail on the head! That brilliantly captures the stark between the extravagant residence of Park and the cramped and suffocating residence of Kim. 

The story revolves around the family of Kim, who are striving hard to earn bread and butter while staying cramped in the basement of an apartment. But soon their life will take a 360-degree turn. As their son, Ki-woo gets a chance to work as a tutor for the daughter of the wealthy Park family. 

Through this,  Ki-woo penetrates the lives of Park. And his family peeks for a chance to sweeten their bitter lives. And then bit by bit, they exploit the possibilities, posing as irrelevant professional workers. And wallowing in the luxurious life of Park’s. Carousing in the newly discovered status as PARASITES, grazing off the wealthy. 

Nonetheless, as the tale unfolds, the fine line between the two households begins to blur, and the facade crumbles. Revealing the deep secrets, lies, and unforeseen twists. All leading to a gripping climax that will leave you in awe and tears. 

If you are not from the faint-hearted fellas, then scrutinize the complexities of social class through the lens of Parasite. And witness the harsh stance people take to escape their realities. 

Poking the social norms, questioning the system that perpetuates inequality, and challenging the outcomes of desperate actions. With a thought-provoking hook that will leave you contemplating long after the credit rolls. 

Wrapping Up

If you have somehow missed the cinematic chef-d’oeuvre, then it is your call to stream the evergreen compelling story, that will make you laugh, gasp, and your heartache in all the right ways.  Parasite is undoubtedly a movie that will stay with you forever, instigating chatters and sentiments even after a decade. 

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