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Hi, I’m Lee Bladon, and I help people to heal, grow, awaken and thrive. I’m passionate about helping people to achieve life-changing results by guiding and supporting them on their unique personal and/or spiritual growth journey. My holistic approach to wellbeing involves every aspect of your being – body, heart, mind and soul. I use a range of highly effective traditional and complementary modalities for physical wellness, emotional healing, mental health, personal development and spiritual awakening.


Healing isn’t “fixing” because you aren’t broken… healing is simply the processing of our wounds. Right now, parts of you are holding onto unprocessed wounds from your past. Wounding happens when our capacity for processing becomes overwhelmed, which was a common occurrence in our childhood because our consciousness wasn’t developed enough or experienced enough to process challenging, unpleasant or traumatic situations. So, to protect ourself from overwhelm, the affected part of us tensed up to “freeze” the overwhelming experience and buried deep inside us, often within a shell of fear. These “parts” of us are only energetically “frozen, they are also frozen in time, so they are still the age they were at the time of the overwhelm. Healing is helping these wounded-child parts of ourself to “thaw out” by processing what they couldn’t back then. We do this by bringing our mature, experienced, reiki healer grantham resilient, capable, adult consciousness in to experience now, what your young self couldn’t back then.


My journey of personal development and spiritual growth started in 1999, when I realised how shallow and unfulfilling modern life was. I say “was” because it’s very different now, but it took me a while to get here because I didn’t know what I was doing back then! I naively thought I could find what I was looking for through knowledge and my mind, but none of that changed who I was. It took me 10 years to realise that if I wanted deep transformational change, I need to go deeper into my consciousness. I needed to get out of my head and feel down into my heart (where emotions live) and into my belly (where repressed emotions are buried). And that’s when the real transformations began. When I started feeling into my “stuff” instead of just thinking about it, it all started to unpack, heal and reintegrate. I began to feel whole, happy, peaceful and fulfilled, instead of anxious, insecure and flat. In short, I was transformed and so was my life!

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