Pharmacy Professionals Guide to Move to Canada

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Are you a pharmacist dreaming of practising your profession in Canada? Good news! Canada is always seeking skilled healthcare professionals, including Pharmacists (NOC 31120). With an ageing population and evolving healthcare needs, the demand for skilled and qualified professionals in the pharmaceutical sector remains high.

In fact, over the period 2022-2031, there are around 16,000 new job openings expected to open for Pharmacists and around 20,000 new job seekers will be available to fill them. If you have relevant experience, Canada Immigration 2024 will be much easier for you.

This guide provides you with a comprehensive overview of the opportunities, job roles, salaries, provinces in demand, employment requirements, and immigration pathways to help you make your dream a reality.

How much do Pharmacists in Canada earn?

The average salary for Pharmacists in Canada is competitive and reflects the significance of their role in the healthcare system. Salaries may vary based on factors such as experience, location, and the specific healthcare setting.

On average, a pharmacist’s salary in Canada is $97,005 per year or $49.75 per hour. If you have just started your career as a pharmacist, you can earn $77,318 per year and as you gain more experience, you will be able to make up to $135,350 per year.

Job Duties of Pharmacists in Canada

As a Pharmacist in Canada, you need to perform the below-listed tasks: 

  • Check prescriptions for accuracy and completeness.
  • Enter client information and prescription details into databases.
  • Assist pharmacists and other pharmacy staff with preparing, packaging, and labelling of medicines.
  • Help manage inventory of medications and pharmaceutical products.
  • Mix oral solutions, ointments, and creams.
  • May handle medical billing information.
  • May be responsible for pricing and stocking items on shelves.

Employment Requirements

Listed below are the employment requirements to work in Canada as a pharmacist:

  • You need to obtain a university degree in pharmacy and a duration of supervised practical training.
  • For community and hospital pharmacists, you need to get licensure in all provinces and territories.

Canada Immigration Options for Pharmacists

Several immigration pathways allow Pharmacists to move to Canada:

  1. Express Entry System:

A point-based system, Express Entry evaluates your profile based on factors such as age, education, work experience, language skills, and other factors. If you achieve the required Canada PR visa eligibility points – 67/100 – in the FSW grid assessment, you can enter the Express Entry pool and receive an Invitation to apply for permanent residency, if you get the required CRS score in the latest category-based Express Entry draw.

  1. Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs):

Many Canadian provinces have specific PNPs for healthcare professionals, including Pharmacists. These programs allow provinces to nominate individuals for permanent residency based on their specific labour market and economic needs.

  1. Atlantic Immigration Pilot (AIP):

The AIP is designed to address labour market gaps in the Atlantic provinces. Pharmacists may find opportunities through this employer-driven immigration program.

  1. Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot (RNIP):

This pilot program aims to attract skilled workers to smaller communities. Pharmacists interested in living and working in these communities can explore this pathway.

  1. Canadian Experience Class (CEC):

Pharmacists who have gained Canadian work experience through temporary permits may qualify for permanent residency through the CEC.

Ready to start your professional career in Canada?

On May 31st, IRCC launched the category-based Express Entry draws for which six categories were selected – healthcare professionals were one of them. Under these draws, IRCC will prioritize skilled workers who wish to become permanent residents in Canada and contribute to the country’s growing economic needs.

If you wish to move to Canada as a Pharmacist, talk to the best Canada PR consultants in Bangalore, Nationwide Visas. They will help you understand the demand for healthcare workers, job roles, salaries, provinces that need pharmacists in high demand, employment requirements, and the best immigration route to work in Canada’s healthcare industry – and make your dreams of moving to Canada a reality.

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