Lesser-Known Facts About Gemstone Eternity Rings


Symbol of timeless love and style- the eternity rings are something which every woman loves to have on her fingers. Beyond the enchanting beauty and grace, these is something more in these gemstone eternity rings. In this article today, we will be discussing what are the lesser-known facts about these gemstone eternity rings and why every couple must choose wisely one or the other eternity ring depending on their choices and preference. So, lets get started and explore the vast world of the gemstone eternity rings and what are the facts which very few of us know.

1. The Black Diamond Magic

The black is for the bold. Well, this is a sort of stereotype which most of us follow. But in reality, the black diamond eternity rings are known for the generation of passion and energy which every couple must have between them. This eternity ring is the best choice for the couples who would like to have something out of the box and something contemporary which not only is beautiful in appearance but also resonates with the vibe of the two.

2. Emerald Enchantment

A symbol of love, fertility and renewal- the emeralds are known for their strong connection with the cycle of rebirth. This gemstone is known for its strong energies with the past life and id therefore loved and adored by the couples who have deep faith in past life and are seeking to rejoin their eternal bond in the present life. The serene deep green colour of the gemstone is too appealing to be resisted and is also the reason why the emerald eternity rings are also one of the most sought-after rings by the couples.

3. Aquamarine Serenity

Symbols of courage and clarity, aquamarine eternity rings are preferred by the couples wish to evoke love and harmony in their relationship. The enchanting and tranquil sea green colour of the gemstone symbolises the calmness carried by the sea and simply denotes wearing the calmness of the ocean on your fingers.

The Myth of Endless Circles

There are various kinds of gemstone eternity rings and all of them hold some or the other symbolic or mythical value. The circle of gemstones placed one after the other in such a way that they appear to be in a never-ending circle symbolises the complete circle of life where love for each other knows no bounds and has no ends. This beautiful myth makes it a perfect symbol of love and is therefore bough by the couples celebrating a milestone together.

Hidden Birthstone Messages

Each gemstone also carries a message and every month has a gemstone dedicated to it. People born in a certain month wear the gemstone dedicated to that month and it is believed that doing this brings prosperity and abundance into the lives of the individuals. People who are not married can wear them as single gemstones while couples can opt for getting an eternity ring made for themselves according to the birth month of the spouse.

The Meaning Behind Colour

Every gemstone has a different colour and each colour carries a meaning with itself. For example, red symbolizes passion while the green colour symbolises fertility, blue is for royalty and loyalty etc. It is up to you what colour you choose for yourself depending on various factors like the birth month, the choice of colour, etc and then can accordingly get it made into the full or half eternity rings that you wish to have.

Summing Up
There are diverse colours and diverse colour of gemstones for every emotion. Whether you choose to have the one according to the choice of the colour or on the various other reasons such as the symbolic meaning that each gemstone carries with itself, etc. But the best part is that every gemstone can be made into an eternity ring. So, stop thinking much about the rings and get the best ring that your heart wishes for. There are myriad options available and you will have a great time making the selection of the gemstones for your eternity rings.

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