Jungle Island Unleashed: A Safari of Thrills and Tropical Delights


Nestled in the heart of Miami, Jungle Island stands as a lush oasis of adventure and natural beauty. Formerly known as Parrot Jungle, this iconic attraction has evolved into a haven for thrill-seekers, wildlife enthusiasts, and families alike. In this guide, we’ll uncover the myriad of exciting things to do at Jungle Island, ensuring your visit is a wild journey into the heart of tropical paradise.

  1. Encounter Exotic Wildlife: Jungle Island is renowned for its diverse collection of exotic animals from around the globe. Get up close and personal with fascinating creatures such as lemurs, kangaroos, and reptiles. Don’t miss the chance to hand-feed the resident lorikeets or marvel at the majestic and intelligent parrots that call the island home.
  2. Adventures in Treetop Ballpark: For those with a taste for adventure, the Treetop Ballpark is a must-visit. Navigate a series of rope courses and zip lines suspended among the towering trees. This exhilarating experience offers a bird’s-eye view of the lush surroundings and is suitable for both beginners and adrenaline junkies.
  3. Liger’s Lair: Step into the realm of the legendary liger – a majestic hybrid of lion and tiger. Jungle Island is home to this rare and awe-inspiring creature. Watch in amazement as these giant felines showcase their strength, agility, and natural grace in specially designed habitats.
  4. SuperFlight Miami: If you’ve ever dreamt of soaring through the sky like a bird, SuperFlight Miami at Jungle Island makes that dream a reality. Experience the thrill of indoor skydiving in a state-of-the-art vertical wind tunnel, providing a safe and exhilarating free-fall experience for participants of all ages.
  5. Safari Splash: Cool off and make a splash at Safari Splash, Jungle Island’s very own water park. With water slides, a lazy river, and interactive water play areas, this tropical oasis is the perfect place to beat the Miami heat. Families can enjoy a day of fun-filled water activities surrounded by lush greenery.
  6. Everglades Habitat: Dive into the unique ecosystem of the Florida Everglades with Jungle Island’s immersive habitat. Encounter native wildlife like alligators and learn about the importance of preserving this vital wetland ecosystem. The Everglades Habitat provides an educational and eye-opening experience for visitors of all ages.
  7. Eco-Adventure Tour: Embark on an eco-adventure tour to explore the hidden corners of Jungle Island. Traverse through winding trails, lush gardens, and scenic spots while knowledgeable guides share fascinating insights into the flora and fauna that inhabit this tropical paradise.
  8. Winged Wonders: Marvel at the spectacular Winged Wonders bird show, where skilled trainers showcase the intelligence and beauty of various bird species. Watch as colorful parrots, owls, and other winged creatures demonstrate their natural behaviors in an entertaining and educational display.
  9. Dine in Paradise: Jungle Island isn’t just about wildlife – it’s also a culinary destination. Enjoy a meal in the midst of tropical surroundings at one of the on-site restaurants. Whether it’s a casual bite or a more refined dining experience, the island’s eateries offer a delightful blend of flavors to satisfy every palate.
  10. Educational Programs and Events: Jungle Island is committed to education and conservation. Take advantage of educational programs and events that offer insights into wildlife preservation, environmental awareness, and the importance of protecting endangered species. Check the schedule for interactive workshops, wildlife encounters, and themed events.

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Jungle Island transcends the conventional zoo experience, offering a thrilling fusion of adventure, education, and natural beauty. From encountering exotic wildlife to soaring through the skies, each attraction and activity at Jungle Island contributes to an unforgettable experience. So, pack your sense of wonder and embark on a safari of thrills and tropical delights at Jungle Island, where every moment promises to be a wild and immersive journey.

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