Is IUI Effective With Low Sperm Morphology?


The fertility of both partners is equally responsible for becoming parents. Many couples are required to go through various medical examinations about this, such as blood tests, ovarian reserve tests, tubal blockages, etc. Certain male partners discovered that their sperm morphology was low during diagnostic procedures. It is necessary to talk about the effects of low sperm morphology on fertility and whether IUI (Intrauterine Insemination) can help.

By taking insights from the best IUI doctor in Hyderabad, this blog is going to share a guide on the effectiveness of IUI treatment with low sperm morphology. Hence, you are advised to go through this post carefully.

Sperm Morphology

Sperm morphology is a medical term that represents the size and shape of a sperm. Ideally, a healthy sperm has an oval head and a long tail to traverse. Ideally, 4% to 10% of healthy sperm are enough for a male partner to be fertile. To check the sperm morphology, a test called semen analysis is performed.

If the semen analysis report indicates sperm morphology of less than 4%, it means several defective sperm. Defective sperm means a sperm with either no head, tail, or both. It means there are not many adequate healthy sperms present in the semen to swim and fertilize the egg in the female partner’s womb. In such circumstances, IUI (Intrauterine Insemination) is an effective method to consider.

What is IUI?

IUI refers to Intrauterine Insemination. It is an effective non-invasive treatment for subfertile couples, especially with low sperm count. IUI, also called artificial insemination, increases the chances of pregnancy by depositing the healthy sperm directly into the female partner’s womb. To do couples have to go through the below-mentioned procedure-

  • Firstly, the female partner has to get the tubal test (HSG, Laparoscopy) done and submit the report of it.
  • Once the IUI doctor confirms the report, the couple is advised to reserve the clinic on the 2nd or 3rd day of the menses.
  • After that, a follicle study is performed. For this, the female partner has to undergo 4 to 5 ultrasounds.
  • A trigger injection is given whenever the ultrasound report, ideally the day 10/11 scan, shows that the egg has matured. This trigger injection will help the egg to rapture.
  • The couple may be advised to wait for 36 hours after inducing the trigger injection.
  • On the day of IUI, the male partner will give a semen sample.
  • The sample will be processed in the lab, and good-quality sperm will be extracted.
  •  With the help of a small catheter, good-quality sperm will be placed in the uterine cavity.

Once the IUI procedure is done, couples can go home and resume the routine work. Since IUI is a painless procedure, hence there is no opportunity for any discomfort a couple can face. After the IUI, the couple has to wait for the next menses. If the female partner misses the menses, then it can be good news for that couple. But for confirmation, a test with the pregnancy kit and blood test prescribed by the doctor is advised.

Benefits of IUI for the Male Partner with Low Sperm Morphology

  • It may reduce the several failed attempts to get pregnant naturally.
  • The male partner can avoid the expensive and surgical method to improve the sperm count
  • It is beneficial for aged couples with low sperm and ovarian reserve.
  • Cost-effective then IVF


Success Rate of IUI

Ideally, the success rate of IUI is 10-15% per cycle, but it can be affected by the ovarian reserve of the female partner, duration of subfertility, quality of sperms and tubal patency.

Ideal Couple for IUI

  • A couple carrying unexplained infertility issues
  • If the male partner is sub-fertile
  • The couple has an issue related to intercourse
  • If the female partner is facing issues related to a chronic anovulatory menstrual cycle
  • If there is a normal to mild endometriosis.
  • Severe dryness of the vagina

Intrauterine Insemination is not for the below-mentioned people-

  • The female partner has been diagnosed with tubal blockage
  • If the endometriosis is mild to severe in the female reproductive system.
  • The male partner has serious health issues related to testicles, prostate and hormones.
  • A couple with poor ovarian reserve.


Tips to Improve the Sperm Morphology

Various reasons cause the low sperm count and poor sperm morphology. Some of them are stress, poor self-care, drinking alcohol, smoking, and excessive heat around the genitals. The couple can take care of themselves and improve the quality of their sperm and eggs. Regarding this, some of the tips are-

  • Avoid taking too much stress
  • Take adequate sleep
  • Do yoga and meditation that improve the health of the reproductive system
  • Stop drinking alcohol, smoke and nicotine
  • Take healthy and nourishing food
  • Keep the genitals clean and hygienic
  • Wear loose underpants.

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