Indian Women’s Hockey Team Ready to Tackle Olympic Qualifiers Under Savita Punia

Hockey Team Ready to Tackle Olympic

Fearless and ready for the upcoming challenges, Indian women’s hockey team captain, Savita Punia, recently expressed the team’s preparedness for the FIH Olympic Qualifiers scheduled to be held in Ranchi from January 13 to 19.

Confidence Despite the Challenge

The team, ranked 6th globally, will come up against world number 5, Germany, in the qualifiers. However, Savita Punia showcased unwavering faith in her team’s ability to tackle the challenge. “We are confident in our abilities, and the rankings of opposing teams don’t faze us. We are ready to face all the tough teams that will be coming to India for the FIH Hockey Olympic Qualifier,” said Punia. Drawing from their previous experience, Savita added, “We played Germany in July, so we know what we’re up against.”

Coaching Confidence and Areas of Improvement

Janneke Schopman, the Indian women’s hockey team’s chief coach, echoed captain Savita’s confident sentiment. Schopman referred to the lessons learned from their successful performance at the recent Asian Champions Trophy in Ranchi. It was an opportunity to understand the areas that require improvement.

According to Schopman, “A lot of things went well for us, but there are always areas where we can improve. We need to avoid unnecessary cards and make better use of our referrals.” She further highlighted the team’s need to enhance their attacking strategy when playing against a closed defense setup. Schopman concluded, “This tournament (ACT) showed we are a tough team. So, we will continue to focus on ourselves, look for ways to improve and leave no stone unturned in our preparation for the Olympic Qualifier.”

Familiar Foes and Home Advantage

The Indian women’s hockey team fully understands the competition they will be facing in the Olympic Qualifiers. Having played against New Zealand and the US in the FIH Pro League the previous year, the team is familiar with the challenges they bring. Coach Schopman reiterated that they are happy and ready to take on these formidable opponents at home.

Road to Paris Olympics

The top three teams each from the Ranchi and Valencia Qualifiers will secure placements to participate in the Paris Olympics next year. They will join the ranks alongside hosts France, along with Australia, the Netherlands, China, Argentina, and South Africa at the grand sporting event.

In conclusion, the Indian women’s hockey team showcases their unwavering resilience and preparedness for the forthcoming FIH Olympic Qualifiers under the leadership of their fearless captain, Savita Punia, and supportive coach, Janneke Schopman. With this steadfast resolve, they are ready to pave their way to the Paris Olympics.

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