I Can’t Reach Wavlink Extender Login Page. Need Help!

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If you want to make the changes to the settings of your Wavlink WiFi extender, you must log in to it first. Upon logging in, you land on the dashboard wherein you find all the settings of the extender. In the settings you can make the desired changes. You need to use the Wavlink login details to log in. But is the login not happening? Are you unable to reach the settings of your WiFi extender? Reading this post will be helpful in ditching the hindrance and then logging in.

How to Fix Wavlink Extender Login Trouble?

Let us help you resolve the login issue with your Wavlink WiFi extender using the solutions provided in this guide.

  1. Connect to the Right Network

Before anything else, check the network that you are connected to while you’re trying to log in to your Wavlink extender. To access the login page of your WiFi extender, you must be connected to the extender’s network. So, go ahead and check the same. Disconnect from the current network that your PC is connected to right now. Connect it to the Wavlink extender’s WiFi using the right SSID and WiFi password.

  1. Make a LAN Connection

There are chances that the WiFi connection is not stable and hence you’re getting disconnected from the extender’s network. This will result in login issues. So it is suggested that you make a LAN connection now. Get hold of a LAN cable and insert it into the PC and the Wavlink WiFi extender. Your PC gets connected to the extender’s stable network this way. You can easily log in now without any trouble.

  1. Use the Correct Login Details

When you log in to your extender, you put to use the login URL wifi.wavlink.com or the IP address of the extender on a browser to reach the login page. On the wifi.wavlink.com login page, you use the login credentials to further reach the admin panel. Make very certain that you’re inserting the login details correctly with zero typing mistakes in them. The password is case-sensitive. So see to it that the Caps Lock key is not on.

  1. Use the URL Bar to Type URL

The login URL of the Wavlink wireless extender should be entered into the URL bar of the browser to log in. Refrain from using the search bar instead of the URL bar. The URL bar is also known as the address field.

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  1. Try Alternative Browser

If one browser is not helping you to log in to your Wavlink WiFi extender, then put to use an alternative browser now. Perhaps the one that you’re using is not supported. Make sure that the browser that you’ve put to use is an updated one. Apart from that, clearing the cache and cookies from the browser will be helpful to avoid login issues.

  1. Check Extender to Router Connection

If the WiFi extender is not properly connected to the main router, it won’t provide you stable internet signal which is the primary requirement for the login process. So, check the same now. Replace the LAN cable if the one that you are using is damaged or has cuts on it. Insert it into the right ports and make a firm connection between the two networking devices. Once the extender is well connected to the main router, go ahead and log in to your Wavlink extender on a PC connected to its network.

  1. Ensure a Stable Power Connection

Your extender will not provide you with good signals if its power supply is inadequate. You should examine the power socket and the power cable of the Wavlink extender to verify its power connection. Plug it into an alternative socket and see if this helps you get stable signals to avoid login issues.

  1. Reboot the Extender

Power off your WiFi extender and let it stay unplugged for some time. After about 5 to 10 minutes you should plug in and power on the extender. Then connect computer or laptop to its network and log in to the extender.

Wrap Up

By applying the fixes discussed in this post you should be able to log in to your Wavlink extender by removing the obstacle that’s preventing you from logging in.

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