How do I Use an Existing OST file?

Use an Existing OST file

In this digital era of technologization, Outlook is one of the most popular email applications. It allows for sending and receiving emails for communication and it contains its mailbox data in OST and Outlook default PST format. When an OST file gets disconnected from the exchange there is a user looking for the solution to use an existing OST file.

OST is an offline storage table and it allows you to store mailbox data on a local drive. OST file automatically created on your local drive and it allows you to manage mailbox data offline without having stable internet connectivity.

If you are aware of the stand of Microsoft then you already know that you can’t open or access an OST file in Outlook. But you can transfer into Outlook default PST format by using OST to PST Converter and easily use it in Outlook.

Why Do Users Want to Access an Existing OST File?

  1. Exchange server downtime or get crashed due to server failure.
  2. If a user wants to migrate from one computer to another.
  3. Sometimes, users want to share an OST file with co-workers.

How to Use an Existing OST File Manually?

If you are the owner of the exchange profile or have an active Outlook OST file. Then, you can opt Outlook import/export feature to complete the solution:

  • Run Outlook then navigate to the file.
  • After that, hit on open/export >> import/export.
  • Choose Export to a file and press the next button to continue.
  • Now, choose Outlook PST file in the list and press next to continue.
  • Select mailbox data as you wish to export.
  • Finally, set path and press finish to get output quickly.

Why Should Users Avoid Manual Technique?

  1. It will take lots of time and a very lengthy solution.
  2. Users must have advanced technical knowledge to operate this solution.
  3. You can’t convert orphan, corrupted and oversize OST files.

How to Access an Existing OST File Via Automated Solution?

As you can see that there are lots of risk and limitations are available in the manual solution. So, we suggest that Corbett OST Converter is an excellent choice and offers accurate results without losing any bit of information.

  • Download the wizard on your system then open it.
  • Browse OST file and insert into the software panel.
  • Click on the Outlook PST file in the list of exports.
  • Finally, set the path and press save to get the result instantly.

Other Prominent Features of Using Automated Solution

  1. It maintained the same mailbox data structure as the original. Also, PST File Converter offers strong protection to prevent changes during the process.
  2. This application is very easy to handle by all types of technical and individual users.
  3. You can easily recover and convert orphan, corrupted and OST reached maximum size.
  4. With this wizard, you can also convert selective data and also useful to skip unnecessary files.
  5. You can also restore OST file in Outlook.

Time to Wind Up

In this guide, we have shared the solution to use an existing OST file. We have also shared the basic overview and reason behind this query. In addition, we have also mentioned manual and automated techniques to finish this problem. If you have configured an OST file with Outlook then you can proceed manually. Otherwise, you need to proceed with automated technique to complete the process without any trouble.


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