Unveiling the Charm of Holidays to Formentera: Complete Guide

Holidays to Formentera

Holidays to Formentera, Spain is the best choice to spend quality time with your kids and family. This island is like a mirror image of Ibiza, with the lofty hotels and beachside bars appearing unexpectedly.

Promising the sleepy harbor towns, blemish-free beaches, and vibrant markets, holidays to Formentera are for people who want to lose track of time.

Why Holidays to Formentera Are Significant?

Best for Relaxation:

The term unspoiled bandied around a lot, but Formentera is one of the places that creates a firm tick in that box.

It is a master of stress-busting breaks, and you will feel a lot of miles from normality. There is no airport, therefore the final leg of the journey here is a boat tour along the Ibiza, in Spain.

And when you bounce into La Savina’s harbor, the makeup-free island appearance is just like a spontaneous effect chill pill.

Protected Sands:

It is not a coincidence that the shoreline here appears like it is the only thing been explored. The Bigwig Island has put its foot down when it comes to the building beside the beaches, in a bid to keep them in the best nick.

The result is a few of the most mesmerizing reels of sand in the whole of Europe, where there is nothing but bumpy dunes to keep the waterfront company.

It is not about one or two sandy beaches either – there are 12 miles worth of sunbathing territory to weigh up. Among the most famous are the Llevant and Migjorn spreads.

Calming Es Pujols:

This place is the smallest of the Balearic Islands; therefore, it is no wonder that life poodles along the lower gear. The largest town, Es Pujols, is a minnow when elaborated in the same breath as Mahon and Palma.

This is what tourists rate about it, though. Fresh seafood restaurants poke aside big names and chains, and the towns of the hotel like Blanco Hotel Formentera are more family-run apartments than large-sized resorts.

Untouched Beaches:

Formentera’s calling card is its beach scene. The Balearic Islands of Spain are the smallest known as the last paradise as there is a blanket ban on beachfront buildings and the sands of the island are equally long un spoilt and white.

A lot of them come with Blue Flag status too, containing a mile spread at Migjorn.

Ibiza’s Little Sister:

Regardless of only 17 kilometers from Ibiza, Formentera is a million miles away regarding personality.

While Ibiza burns the candle at both ends, Formenteras flames flicker gently in the laid-back harbor side restaurants of La Savina and the lantern-lit happy markets of EI Pilar de la Mola.

Even the capital of the island has gone slow as its default setting. San Francisco is built around an unhurried central square, where notice boards advertise yoga and massage classes.

Town Life:

If someone says no nightlife in Formentera would be wrong.

Es Pujols, on the island’s north coast, has a collection of cocktail bars and open-air street cafes, that are open until the early hours. And if it is bright lights, you are after, it is the best way to catch a boat over to Ibiza.

Things to Do!

Holidays to Formentera enhance a lot of water sporting activities. Plus, diving, snorkeling, and jet skis. Throughout the resort, there are a lot of varied attractions, a lot of which are cultural and historical.

A few of these are the Roman Can Blai encampment and the Ca Na Costa tomb. Although, Ibiza Island possesses a lot of attractions, including water parks. Just take the ferry which will take around 30 minutes.

Formentera is a calmer resort as compared to its neighboring island Ibiza. The clubs and bars are lively in the area of Es Pujols, but calmer pubs can be located outside of the area.

Best Time of the year to Visit Formentera:

In case you are visiting for Holidays to Formentera the beaches and the sun, you will be able to enjoy them all year round.

The weather in Formentera is great from April to September, with blue skies and up to 14 hours of sunshine in the summer months.

August and July observe the highest temperature, greater than 30 degrees Celsius. This is also the buzzing time of the year for tourists to the island.

Select a Beach:

The beaches during the Holidays to Formentera go au natural in many ways than one. Es Calo Beach is a launching pad for local fishing boats, and the dune-sheltered waters of Playa Es Pujols are the best kayaking territory, and Playa Llevant woos windsurfers.

Away from the hotels, sunbathing goes back to basics, too – most beaches are naturist-friendly.

Lap up the Views from the Lighthouse:

The lighthouses display a few of the awesome views in Formentera. A few are well-positioned for sunrise while others glance over the sunset. Just go to the east or west, based on your priority.

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