Explain How Airpods Are Water Proof It Is True Or Not?

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Wipe them with a soft, dry, lint-free cloth.

Allow them to dry completely before rachel stone car accident using them or placing them in the charging case.

How to Save AirPods from Water Damage–

That heartbreaking moment when you dropped your AirPods in the water doesn’t have to end in tragedy and another costly charge on your card. Let’s take a look at a few ways in which you can try to save your AirPods from water damage.

Use a dry cloth and turn them upside down

You’ve dropped your AirPods in water, and now they’re soaked. Thankfully, Apple’s own care recommendation can solve this problem. Before trying to connect them to your phone or use them, simply dry them thoroughly with a microfiber cloth and place them upside down to ventilate.

The same should be done with the charging case. If your AirPods feel dry after a few minutes of drying, try using them. If they still don’t work, don’t lose hope. There are some more sophisticated methods that can help revive soaked AirPods.

Tip: Once you’ve dropped your AirPods in water, don’t put them back in the charging case. An enclosed space will prevent the AirPods from drying properly, and water that leaks out of the AirPods will likely damage the charging case. It’s a lose-lose situation. Put your AirPods back in the case only after you’ve made sure they’re completely dry.

Moisture-absorbing bags

If you feel like your AirPods are still holding moisture, grab a container and a few packs of desiccant. These are small paper bags labeled “Do Not Eat!” that are often found in the packaging of shoes, electronics, and other goods. The beads inside these bags absorb moisture. Empty a few bags into the container of wet AirPods and seal it for a couple of hours. This will hopefully draw all the remaining moisture out of the AirPods, leaving them dry and functional.

Once dry, try connecting your AirPods to your iPhone. Don’t forget monrepscn to listen to them first. Even if they connect, the sound quality may be distorted.

Replace your AirPods

If your AirPods are wet and irretrievably damaged, you have hope of not buying new retail models. Apple offers a warranty program for AirPods. If you have AppleCare+, then the cost of the warranty will be quite affordable. Out-of-warranty service fees are a bit higher, but in both cases, it’s a better deal than the new AirPods. Your specific situation is probably addressed on Apple’s official AirPods repair page.

Are AirPods waterproof?

If you’re wondering if your AirPods are waterproof, the answer is a little more complicated than a simple yes or no. In fact, this question has more to do with the term “water resistance.”

First, determine which AirPods model you have. The first-generation AirPods, second-generation AirPods, and AirPods Max (on-ear headphones) are not waterproof or water resistant, so keep them away from wet items at all costs. This doesn’t bode well for those who like to exercise with AirPods, as sweat can easily seep into the holes. You’ll have to decide for yourself whether it’s worth the risk. Some seem to be able to exercise without any repercussions, but sweat has been known to damage AirPods. All those open audio holes and ports don’t tolerate water, especially if you’ve dropped your AirPods in water.


Thankfully, the new, more advanced AirPods Pro is waterproof. Keep in mind that this is different from water resistance. You don’t have to worry about getting some sweat or water on your AirPods Pro, but give them a good wipe with a microfiber cloth after your workout. Never immerse them in water. This means that you can’t swim or shower with your AirPods.

It’s best to keep your AirPods, regardless of model, in a dry place as far away from water as possible. To date, none of the AirPods charging cases are waterproof, so they should also be kept dry.

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