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Custom Boxes

Getting unique and attractive boxes is a hard nut to crack in today’s era. Companies and brands struggle to achieve the highest level of perfection in boxes and packaging. There are no limits to branding; either online or conventional ways are used. Skies are unlimited, creativity never ends, and innovation is at the boom. All these factors required perfect and innovative customized boxes for the products that help sell more. Hundreds of thousands of ideas revolve around the industry, and it is becoming difficult for manufacturers to choose the best one.

Moreover, in the “y” generation, the box is equally important as the product itself. Boxes play an important role in protection, display, and branding. These are essentially required, and different products have different packaging needs. People work to find the best possible and most affordable le packaging solutions for products in all these situations.

Get unique shape boxes:

The first important thing about the boxes that make them unique and innovative is their unique shape. Think! What would a new customer experience when he sees a product that grabs his full attention? This is only possible when you display your products in a unique shape, out-of-the-box shape appealing look. This one needs customization and proper designing for the box. Only proper step-by-step research and development of the customization process make the box eye-catching. Unique shapes are 200% more attractive, look amazing, and sell more. Whenever you find a product packed inside a special shape, it makes you feel special, and you try to buy such products. Here are a few unique shapes that could be used as a innovation tool in the retail, wholesale, cosmetic, and food industry.

  1. Pyramid shape boxes
  2. Pillow shape boxes
  3. Briefcase boxes
  4. Auto bottom boxes
  5. Hexagon shape boxes
  6. Cuboid shape cartons

Many other unique shapes make it appealing and extraordinarily loving.

Pyramid shape boxes are the same as Egyptian pyramids; they have a wide square bottom to carry heavyweight items. Such shapes look attractive and are used to pack antique and luxury items. These are also used for gifts and other gadgets packaging.

Pillow shapes boxes are the second most attractive shape for the boxes. These are used for gifts, chocolate, and kids’ products. These are loving, easy to carry, and up-to-the-mark boxes. Everyone likes such boxes as they are grabbed easily and look attractive in the hands.

Briefcase shape boxes are rigid shape material-made boxes. These are perfect when you sell tools, kits, and hardware items. These are very easy to carry and handle. Such boxes have handles in them, and they can carry heavyweight too. Usually, these are available in sleeves and trays to set a group of products in them. Usually, such boxes are made of cardboard, rigid, corrugation, and paper material; it depends upon your needs and requirements of the boxes. So, getting unique and attractive customised boxes is the solution to your product’s safety and branding.

Cuboid shape boxes are also very commonly used boxes for retail products. These boxes are cubic and used for gifts, plastic gadgets, and retail products packaging. These are also made up of cardboard and look amazing when UV coating is applied to them.

Find the best designer online:

One needs the best designers to get the best packaging design and beat the competition. Designers design custom packaging that helps you achieve the goals of marketing and branding. Such boxes are cartons designed with great care, and important tools are used. Great accuracy and latest software’s are suing in designing of the box. If these are not designed accurately, the product manufacturer would have to pay more for extra size and dimensions. For this reason, sizing of the product getting accurate shapes and sizes that leads to cost-effectiveness is required.

Adobe software and die-cutting are required for the perfect boxes production. So, it is another important issue for the owners of the products to get the best designers. Here questions arise in mind, where can one get an expert designer? Here are a few methods and ways from where one can get the designer for the customization and personalization of the box.

Behance is the first and topmost important choice of any company looking for the best and perfect designers. These are perfect designers, and creative portfolios are ready for you. You can check every designer’s work before hiring him.

Andrey Stelmakh is the second choice; you can find the best designers here and ask them for a creative packaging design.

Upwork is the largest marketplace of designers and all other online work. Here you can post your product packaging requirements and get the interview. After this, finalize the best designer and best price. All such designers design as per your requirements.

Fiver is another option for you. You can get the best box design, starting from $5, and there are lots of options for you.

Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter is the next choice for you. Just post in groups and get the right designer for you—the best thing about all these platforms is that you first check the portfolio and then hire them. Here, you can find the best design that is innovative and attractive for you.

Add add-ons:

Add-ons also make the box unique and attractive for the customer and passersby. These add-ons include UV coating, embossing, debossing, glossy and matte effects on the box. Many options make your box more appealing; these layers and things add some cost to your box production. Thus getting all add-ons to make the box attractive and become costlier. Shinny and matte surface are two different surface types that customers feel when touching and carrying product box in their hand. So, adding more add-ons is beneficial only if you sell luxury items at a high cost. Add to this, embossing and debossing effects are applied on the box text and logo; such effects make the text and logo prominent. Like a matte and glossy surface, these effects can also be felt by touching them. The shiny surface reflects the lights, heat, and other rays. Contrary to this, the matte surface absorbs light and other rays.

Use brand-related themes:

The brand theme is a color combination that should be reflected in each and everything company. Similarly, these should be used in packaging and other marketing camping’s. This color resemblance expresses the association of a product to a specific brand, So the right color combination also makes your product packaging attractive and unique among all other competitors.

Use premium printing options:

Nowadays, laser cutting and computerized production of the boxes reduce the waste and shift the boxes’ packaging to the next level. So, it also depends on what technology you are using to produce the boxes.

There are lots of ideas that make your boxes stylish and up to the mark. But following all the tips mentioned above will lead you to the perfect box.

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