A Heart-touching Poem on Republic Day in Hindi

heart touching poem on republic day in hindi

Republic Day, a day of pride,

Where our tricolor flag flies high,

In the vast blue sky so wide,

A symbol of our unity, you and I.

Bharat Mata, our motherland,

A tapestry of cultures so grand,

On this day, with hearts held high,

Let’s sing a heart-touching lullaby.


Oh, the melody of freedom sweet,

Resonates in every street,

From the Himalayas to the deep sea,

India, the land of the brave and free.


गणतंत्र दिवस की सुबह है नयी,

स्वतंत्रता की बातें जिद्दी,

हर भाषा में बोलता यह कविता,

भारत का है गौरव, यह यही बताता।


In the heart of Delhi,

where leaders stand,

A parade of strength,

a united band,

Soldiers march with heads held high,

Guardians of the nation, under the sky.

heart touching poem on republic day in hindi

वीर जवानों की शौर्यगाथा,

हर दिल में बसी वह बातें जो हमें याद रखांगा।


A salute to the heroes, the brave,

Who sacrifice all, their lives they gave,

For a nation where dreams can soar,

On this Republic Day, let’s explore.


संगीत की मिठास में भरा,

यह कविता है हमारी आत्मा का सारा।

The Constitution, a guiding light,

In the darkest hour, shining bright,

Justice, Liberty, Equality, the call,

A democratic nation, standing tall.


गणतंत्र दिवस की शुभकामनाएं,

हर दिल में बसी यह आशा की कहानी।


So, let’s celebrate this day with cheer,

For a nation we hold so dear,

A heart-touching ode, in Hindi rhyme,

Happy Republic Day, through space and time.

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