8 Tips to Shop for Women T-shirts


Getting women’s tees’ is a fun and exciting experience. But it can be a tiring and time-consuming activity if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

These few tips may help you ease out your next shopping experience for a women t-shirt

1.Quality of the Fabric

The first and foremost thing to examine before you buy anything for that matter is its quality. When it comes to T-shirts, the prices may vary. Sometimes, a low-priced t-shirt may look attractive for its price and mediocre design, but there may be a compromise in its quality. This may not seem so initially, but after a couple of washes or normal wear and tear, it would get evident. It is always wise to make one good investment that could last longer, than multiple cheap investments that wouldn’t last nor give you satisfaction. 

Synthetic materials or cotton, rayon, etc are materials commonly used for t-shirts. Polyester will help stretch the fabric. It could also help suck in the moisture. Cotton is an airy material; choosing cotton depends on the climate. During summers or springs, this would be the go-to material. It also depends on the occasion you’re dressing up for. If you’re walking into a cool room, then wearing thick fabric may be good. So, the choice of fabric depends on the weather and personal interests.

  1. Colour and Design

T-shirt for women comes in numerous designs and colours, which may push you to a choice dilemma. While this may largely revolve around personal interests, choosing the right ones that enhance your features would add to your style. It could be solid shades, a mix of shades, an ombre, a printed t-shirt, or a solid tee with some writing on it. Solids can be easily matched with jackets or overcoats. Choosing a mixed combination requires attention. You must choose shades that complement your skin tone. For instance, matte shades or nude shades may not work with all skin tones. Hence, to know your skin tone and to understand the body type is essential.

When it comes to patterns or prints, it is important to check the neckline and your face shape. Large prints may look better on taller people, and so on. Carefully observe the stitching, hems and seams. That is why, even if it’s expensive, buying from certain brands would ensure its quality. Getting cheap prices t-shirts from a local market may not do the same.

  1. Neckline

The correct neckline depends on your body type and face shape. It also depends on your level of comfort. A V-shaped line, a boat-shaped neckline, and a scoop neck, etc are a few of the neck types. Choosing the right colour and shape that complements are essential, to show off your features. T-shirts come in various sizes and shapes. It could be sleeveless, full-sleeved, crop tees, etc. In these instances, your interest and occasion will matter. 

  1. Check the Instructions

Certain fabrics require special attention while cleaning or drying them. Sometimes, woolen material may require dry cleaning to not stretch or ruin the fabric. Choosing t-shirts for instance, for the gym, must be carefully looked at. You must choose a material that can absorb the sweat and let your body breathe as well like calico, spandex, etc. Taking care of what you buy is as important as getting it. You must go over the details even before you check the price.

These are some of the few pieces of information you see, but you tend to overlook.

4.1) Fabric Weight– This is essentially an indication of its durability. A 130-160 GSM would be a good weight for a medium good t-shirt. 

4.2) Fiber Proportion- This shows the blend of fabric they have used. 

4.3) Maintenance Shrinkage, and colour fading would be mentioned at times. Some clothes may lose their colour if washed with other fabrics. Get them only if you have the time and space for it. 

For printed t-shirts, ironing must be done with caution. For instance, vinyl prints cannot be ironed directly. These types of clothes are rather high maintenance to ensure their durability.

  1. Sustainability

This is the need of the hour. It is ethically and morally responsible to have a look if the company is engaging in eco-friendly practices. If the clothes are recyclable, if you can approach the same place for a return, are some of the few actions you could take before confirming your purchase. You can be a responsible shopper without compromising on your tastes and preferences. 

  1. Online Shopping

There are several things to keep in mind if you’re shopping online. It is essential to make sure of your size. Mostly, a size chart would be provided. Make sure to go through it. Go over reviews from the buyers and read any complaints or negative reviews. Make an informed choice. There could be a mismatch in size or colour, so be sure to check them. Whether it’s online or a physical store, it is important to pay attention to detail.

  1. Legitimacy

Check the labels for standard certification if you’re purchasing from a reputed place. There could be labels like Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). This could guarantee that the clothes are worth the price you’re paying for it. This is the age of fakes and scams, so be sure not to ignore them. If you are getting premium wear, make sure it is one, and not a hoax. 

  1. Sewing

The construction of clothes could tell you a lot about its quality. You may notice people telling apart brands and fakes with this. The fake ones could have a thin layering or a different stitching of the fabric. Major brands would also have their logo or initials inscribed onto a portion of the fabric. Checking and verifying them could help pick out good wears. 

A wrongly constructed t-shirt could make your body look distorted. Check the sleeve and body hem; make sure they’re tightly fitted. Hence, if you feel something feels weird in the trial room, you might want to put it back. Trusting your body instincts won’t be a bad idea while shopping!

  1. Final Remarks

It may seem like a whole load of effort, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes a breeze. A struggle now would put off any regrets for later. Happy shopping!

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