Why You Should Choose Newcastle for Computer Science?

Why You Should Choose Newcastle for Computer Science?

Newcastle is the leading research-intensive institute in the United Kingdom. The university has a friendly student environment, with students from 120 countries currently studying at UON. There are various programs offered at Newcastle that students can choose to grow in their areas of interest. Specifically, Newcastle’s computer science program has been ranked among the world’s best.

The institute has topped world ranking charts and was placed at #76th globally for the CS program. Students who study computer science at UON get a deeper understanding of CS principles. The university prepares students and broadens student perspectives in the field of computers with its high-quality education. Additionally, students are given chances to change their degree structure to ensure effective learning.

Keep reading the article to explore all the reasons why you should choose Newcastle for computer science.

5 Reasons to Choose Newcastle For Computer Science

There are various reasons you should choose computer science to get your bachelor’s degree.  The first one is its flexible learning system that allows students to study in their preferred way.  For example, in your 3 years of bachelor’s, the first 2 years expand your knowledge in different computer aspects. Then, in the final year, students can choose any particular area of CS to pursue their studies further.

That’s not only what you get at Newcastle University; here are some more reasons to consider UON for CS.

1. High-Quality and Ranking

The UON excels in providing students with high-quality education, and this is why it has become a top choice for international students. The Newcastle university currently has more than 5000 international students enrolled in various programs, gaining maximum exposure in research-intensive institutes.

UON is currently ranked #110 in the global ranking, and it’s included in the top #200 for CS by subject ranking. The institute’s computer science degrees are accredited by the British Computer Society, which ensures students graduate with an industry-standard degree. Most students refer to education consultants in Islamabad to ease their admission procedures and get assistance in pursuing their higher studies at UON.

2. Module Based Learning

The institute uses module-based learning to simplify students 3 year studying time. Degrees are divided into stages, and each stage requires one academic year to complete. Modules in every study stage have a total of 120 credits. UON has a specific way of learning at every stage that provides students the ease to study at their own pace.

Additionally, the way of assessing students’ studies also changes at every particular study stage.  For example, in the first stage, students spend more time on independent studies than in class. Then, they are encouraged to focus more on coursework than written exams. In the 2nd stage, time spent on independent studies and coursework is slightly increased.

3. Gain Experience with Practical Work

Employers seek students with both knowledge and experience. Therefore, Newcastle CS degrees are curated accordingly. UON focuses on providing students with practical exposure to the field by keeping industry needs in mind. In stage 2, you will learn more about real-life scenarios to broaden your perspective.

Students are asked to choose a specific problem identified by the industry and develop a project to address that problem. Your completed projects are reviewed by industry experts, project sponsors, and lecturers.  This allows students to test and improve their capabilities and eventually graduate with extensive knowledge in the relevant field.

4. Work Placement Opportunity

Students at UON get the opportunity to put their knowledge into practical work to graduate with high confidence in the field. The work placement opportunity can be availed by students between stages 2 and 3. This allows students to work in any organization in the world for 9 to 12 months with support from the institute.

Work placement enhances student learning with first-hand experience by putting your learning into practice. Through this, students can develop professional expertise that is currently in demand. Choosing this program extends your degree by a year, and the completion of the program is mentioned in your degree.

5. Career Support

The computer science programs at UON are developed to prepare students for real-world needs. The institute focuses on developing skills that are transferable in your future jobs. Frequent employability events are also hosted, including employer talks, networking events, hackathon workshops, and placement discussions.

Guest lecturers from field professionals, skills workshops, and mock interviews further influence this. Partaking in such events and activities allows students to expand and broaden their field perspective. You can take advantage of high-quality learning in the UON by getting in touch with education consultants in Islamabad to provide assistance and simplify your admission hurdles.

Get Maximum Computer Science Exposure in Newcastle!

CS is constantly evolving, and if your degree is based on outdated learning experiences, it won’t be beneficial. Newcastle excels in providing high-quality that is based on current industry demands. Contact now to pursue higher studies at Newcastle and unlock exciting career opportunities after graduation.

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