Why Consider Extra Large Chandeliers To Transform Your Space?


The right light fixture plays a crucial role in creating ambiance, improving functionality, and making your room look beautiful. If your home has higher ceilings, you should consider installing extra large chandeliers. 


Extra large chandeliers for high ceilings have a striking design and a timeless empire shape that stands out against both busy and bare backgrounds. This bigger light fixture has crystal accents that add a touch of sophistication and glamor to any living room decor.


Let’s take a closer look at why these stunning fixtures are worth investing in to turn your room into a luminous masterpiece.


1. Commanding Presence

Extra-large chandeliers have the power to draw the attention of everyone coming to your place. This light fixture can be the center of attention in any room. 


Chandeliers hung from high ceilings are the first thing that catches your eye when you look up. Their sheer size and detailed designs make them stand out from the crowd. 


Whether it’s a bigger entrance hall, a large dining room, or a grand ballroom, an extra-large chandelier will make a statement and add a touch of luxury to the room. 


Their presence will add visual interest to your space. It will also enhance the overall atmosphere of the room, making it more luxurious and welcoming.


2. Available in Multiple Design

There is a common misbelief that only medium-large chandeliers with traditional and/or ornate styles are more suitable. They come in various styles, from retro-evoking and industrial to upscale and bohemian. 


This versatility in design features allows you to pick the style that goes best with your space.  From modern minimalism to rustic to classic elegance, choose the perfect chandelier that matches any interior design theme or decor style selection. 


You can also choose some creative options, from minimalist metal to extravagant crystals, reflecting your personal style and discerning taste.


3. Consider Scale and Proportion

When selecting a chandelier, harmony in scale and proportion is essential to creating a visually balanced and aesthetically pleasing environment. Here are some expert tips to guide you:


  • Room dimensions: It is crucial to consider the dimensions of your room according to the most common rule of thumb. It means you should consider the sum of your room’s breadth and length (in feet) and use that sum (in inches) as the guideline for your chandelier’s diameter, which you can follow.  This is the initial point, and adjustments might happen due to other factors as well.


  • Furniture scale: First of all, think about the size of your furniture, and high priority is given to the size of the dining table if the chandelier will hang above. The chandelier light fixture would have the greatest impact if the diameter had an ideal width of ⅔-¾ of the table’s width. This prevents the chandelier from appearing bulky, overwhelming the table, or creating a feeling of being cramped.
  • Ceiling height: The optimal approach for large ceiling rooms is to use a bigger chandelier and a longer drop (from the ceiling to the bottom part of the chandelier). Compared to the higher ceilings, pick a small chandelier that is shorter in its drop in the rooms with low ceilings. This prevents the room from being closed in.

4. Ambient Lighting

Chandeliers that are extra large in size are not only eye-catching but also provide practical lighting that improves the functionality of your space. These chandeliers give off a warm and inviting glow that lights up the entire room when their bulbs are placed strategically. 


This soft and diffused light not only brings a warm and inviting atmosphere to your room but also accentuates the architectural and design elements in your room, giving it depth and dimension. 


Whether you host a formal event or just enjoy a romantic date at home, your room will be more comfortable and inviting with the ambient lighting you have installed in it.


5. Customization Options

Do you need a custom lighting solution? Many manufacturers provide customization options for oversized chandeliers, so you can choose the perfect size, shape, finishes, and materials to create the perfect chandelier for your space. 


Custom-made chandeliers will complement your space perfectly while reflecting your unique style. If you want to add personal touches, such as custom engraved or meaningful motifs, or customize the design to match your architectural style, make sure your custom-made chandelier will meet all of your needs and preferences. 


This level of customization enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of your chandelier. It also adds exclusivity and uniqueness to your space, making your chandelier stand out as the focal point of your room.



The allure of extra large chandeliers for high ceilings is that they have the potential to transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary ones. Their commanding presence, versatile designs, and customization options can definitely elevate the ambiance and aesthetics of any room with higher ceilings.


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