What Is a Tennis Bracelet and Why She Deserves One


Jewelleries have been women’s love since time immemorial and each part has a different jewellery that is to be used to adorn it. Rings for the fingers, necklaces and neckpieces for the neck, bracelets for the wrists, etc. Today, in this article we will be talking about the adorning the wrists that too with a specific kind of bracelet called the tennis bracelet. If you are someone interested in wrist jewelleries then this article is absolutely for you as in the subsequent paragraphs, we will be discussing what are tennis bracelets, what is the total cost of buying a tennis bracelet in the UK and why this specific bracelet makes a compelling gift which can be gifted to the most lovable women in your lives. So, what are you waiting for, lets delve into the wonderful and captivating beauty of these tennis bracelets and know more about in in detail.

What are tennis bracelets?

For you to know what is a tennis bracelet and how this jewellery got its name, lets go back to 1987 U.S. open when the well-known tennis player Chris Evert lost her diamond bracelet and asked the match to be adjourned until her bracelet was found and so came the name, the tennis bracelet. Interesting story of the history of the bracelet, isn’t it? Well, now let’s take a look at its appearance.
Consisting of a number of diamonds or other precious or semi- precious gemstones stones arranged one after the other so that they form a line or a never- ending circle around your wrists, this bracelet is also called the “line bracelet” of the “eternity bracelet”. Arranged in such a way that it’s not just mesmerizingly beautiful but also comfortable, they are today available in various colours. Black diamond bracelets are becoming increasingly popular these days and for a good reason of course. The black colour exudes royalty and of course is amazing beautiful which makes it a popular choice among the women folks.

Approximate Cost in the UK

The total cost of buying a tennis bracelet in the UK will depend on various factors such as what is the size, the approximate number of gemstones which is to be crafted inside these bracelets, the price of the gemstone which is to be used, the carat and purity of the gemstone and the metal which will be used as a base, etc.
Still, an approximate cost of buying a diamond tennis bracelet in the UK will cost you around £2,000 and can extend into the tens of thousands depending upon the weights, clarity and colour grades od the diamonds used. These bracelets can be made into ruby bracelets, black diamond bracelets, sapphire bracelets or in any gemstone of your choice and the prices will vary accordingly.

Reasons to Buy Her a Tennis Bracelet

#1. Timeless elegance

When you talk about the jewelleries adorning the wrists, well to be honest, nothing quite literally matches the beauty of these tennis bracelets. Its classic design and the never-ending line of precious gemstones places one after the other in a line so that they form a circle signifies the everlasting love, dedication and companionship between two individuals.

#2. Versatile Styling

Incredibly versatile in nature, the tennis bracelets are can be used to complete you look for various occasions be it an evening party or a formal office meeting, this bracelet will do perfectly well with both your dresses fit for the respective events.

#3. Customisation Options

Whether you admire the fiery red colour of rubies of the royal charm of the black diamonds or the simple elegance of the diamonds, the tennis bracelets can be made into any bracelet depending on your choices and can be customised too depending on what design you want. This is the most important feature which therefore makes it the first choice among women.

Summing Up

The world of jewelleries for women is endless and every day we see a new piece of jewellery in fashion but, the love for these tennis bracelets is timeless and therefore is admire by almost anyone who love minimal and elegant designs. You must therefore keep it on your list and gift it to the beloved woman of your life anytime soon when the situation demands. I bet this will be one of her prized possessions soon.

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