What Are The Characteristics of Authentic Vintage Jewelry?


Do you own heirloom jewelry pieces passed down to you by your grandparents or parents? But you are not sure whether the jewelry collection you possess is vintage or not. To identify vintage jewelry pieces, you need a keen eye. Jewelry appraisal services provide an authentic document regarding the details of the jewelry items along with the accurate value for selling or insurance purposes. Experts have the knowledge, skills and experience to find out the vintage pieces, including details such as the era, style, history and materials.

You can research online and read some material for guidance to know about vintage jewelry. Get to learn about various jewelry styles and the eras in which they were in trend. Try to find out about the typical design elements of each era. Know about the jewelry features of different periods, like Victorian, Art Deco, Retro, Art Nouveau and more. By getting a jewelry appraisal done by an expert, you can get a better understanding of the authenticity of your items.

Vintage Jewelry: Know The Major Characteristics

Look for Patina

Check the jewelry piece, if it shows signs of tarnish or patina, there are high chance that the jewelry piece is vintage. Aging signs and wear and tear, like scratches and fading add to the charm of vintage jewelry pieces. And can be used to confirm that they are authentic vintage jewelry pieces.

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Intricately Crafted

Check the way the jewelry item is crafted and constructed. Mostly vintage pieces are handcrafted, hence you may see fine craftsmanship. In vintage items, gemstones are set meticulously and the design is engraved intricately.

Metals & Gemstones

Check the materials used to construct the jewelry pieces. Authentic vintage jewelry will be crafted using precious metals, including gold, platinum or silver. You need to make sure whether the diamonds and gemstones used are natural or synthetic. Vintage jewelry pieces are known for high quality authentic gemstones and diamonds.

Style Of A Particular Era

Check the pieces to know the era they belong to. Try to understand the design elements and style to know the period it was crafted. Closely study the patterns, motifs and shapes, these features can help you know many things about the piece.

Types Of Closures & Clasps

Numerous styles of closures and clasps were in trend during different periods. To get some idea about the age of the piece, it is a good idea to examine the clasps of neckpieces, bracelets and earrings.

Gather Ownership Information

To authenticate the vintage jewelry, try to gather information regarding the ownership history. Interesting details can add to the value of the item.

Internet Forums & Resources

On the internet, you can search for various forums, online resources and sites that can help you identify vintage pieces. On these platforms, you can find useful information and get support from jewelry experts who can guide you.

Jewelry Appraisal or Valuation Services Online

It is always better to seek an expert’s help. You can search for jewelry appraisal or valuation services online. They have expertise in appraising any type of jewelry, they will also provide you with a certified document. The document will not only have the accurate market value of the piece but will also have the details about the jewelry piece, such as precious metals, gemstones and diamonds.

What is the weight of the metals used? What is the quality and number of diamonds and gemstones? What is the condition of the piece? What era does it belong to? Ownership records and craftsmanship details along with other things. This document will be useful if you want to sell your jewelry and it will also be required if you want to get insurance coverage for your jewelry collection.

Hope after reading this article, you have understood some of the important characteristics of vintage jewelry. Let’s summarize the features; patina is one of the most important features of vintage jewelry pieces. Aging marks adds to the vintage charm. Design elements can give an idea about the era in which your coveted pieces were crafted. Never forget to get a jewelry appraisal done so that you get an idea about the true worth of your precious pieces.

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