The saga of Sarah Lazow, the owner of Marada Pictures

Sarah Lazow

We all harbor dreams, as each of us is inherently a dreamer. Some individuals devote their entire lives to realizing their dreams, tirelessly working until they attain their envisioned goals. Others find contentment in whatever they accomplish, even if it falls short of their original aspirations. This is the narrative of Sarah Lazow, a woman who dared to dream and exerted focused efforts to bring her dreams to fruition.

Despite having no familial ties to Hollywood or the film industry, Sarah aspired to immerse herself in the glamorous world of entertainment. When the opportunity arose for her to enter Hollywood, she made the bold choice to become a producer and financier. From the outset, her ambition was to operate behind the camera, taking charge of the entire filmmaking process rather than playing a minor role. Thus, a new era of film and TV producers emerged.

What renders her life story captivating is her decision to step into what is traditionally considered a male-dominated domain. Film production and financing have historically been areas predominantly occupied by men, with few women venturing into these realms in Hollywood. Undeterred by distractions or discouragement, Sarah Lazow established her own production house, Marada Pictures, shortly after entering Hollywood. As a financier and producer, she shoulders a critical role—from ensuring the alignment of the narrative with her production house’s ideologies to selecting the entire film crew and actors. It’s a challenging task that demands safeguarding the plot and characters against compromises resulting from budget constraints.

Marada Pictures debuted with “The Weekend,” a film featuring an all-Black cast with a humorous take on life. Written and directed by Canadian Stella Meghie, the movie showcased prominent actors in central roles. Sarah strategically premiered the film at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2018, garnering appreciative reviews and marking her arrival in the industry. The subsequent theatrical release in 2019 across the US further solidified its positive reception.

Her second venture in the entertainment world involved serving as an executive producer for the sci-fi series “V-Wars.” This Netflix Original series, directed by Jonathan Maberry and starring Ian Somerhalder, Peter Outerbridge, and Adrian Holmes, enjoyed a successful four-month run from December 2019 to March 2020. With these two productions, Sarah Lazow swiftly became a household name in the US, earning acclaim for her outstanding work as a film and TV producer.


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