The All-Encompassing Benefits of 144Hz Gaming Monitors


Have you ever wondered how professional esports athletes are able to pull off such lightning-quick reactions and insane gameplay? Well, one key factor that helps separate the pros from casual gamers is their equipment—specifically, their high refresh rate gaming monitor. 

While 60 Hz was the standard for many years, 144hz gaming monitors and beyond have become increasingly common in competitive scenes. If you aspire to improve your skills and rank up the leaderboards, it’s time to upgrade to a 144Hz monitor yourself. 

Let’s scroll down and explore the main advantages of 144 Hz for esports and why it can make such a significant impact on your performance.

Smoother Visuals

The first thing you’ll notice when using a 144Hz gaming monitor is how much smoother everything looks. At 60 Hz, each frame is displayed for around 17 ms before the next one takes its place. But at 144 Hz, that duration is cut nearly in half to just 7 ms per frame. 

This reduced frame time means individual images blend together more seamlessly for an ultra-smooth viewing experience with minimal motion blur. Jumping from 60Hz to 144Hz is like going from standard definition to high definition; once you experience it, you’ll find lower refresh rates downright jarring.

Reduced Input Lag

Along with smoother visuals comes reduced input lag. When your 32 inch gaming monitor refreshes faster, there is less time between when your input is registered and when it’s displayed on screen. This results in actions feeling much more responsive. 

At 144 Hz, you’ll have the competitive advantage of seeing enemies and reacting nearly 3 ms faster than at 60 Hz. For fast-paced games where milliseconds matter, that reduction in input lag can mean the difference between getting a kill and getting killed.

Sharper Gameplay Awareness

When everything on your screen is updating almost twice as fast, you’ll enjoy a heightened sense of situational awareness. It becomes much easier to track fast-moving enemies and projectiles. Spinning or flicking shots that were previously blurry at 60 Hz will look crystal clear at 144 Hz. 

You’ll also have an improved ability to spot enemies hiding in brush or peeking around corners. The extra visual clarity enhances your perception of what’s happening on screen and improves your ability to outplay opponents.

Benefits for FPS Games

First-person shooter games are among those that benefit most from high refresh rates. Not only do they require extremely fast reactions from enemy players, but the first-person perspective means you rely heavily on smooth motion and low input lag to track targets effectively. 

The fluidity of 144 Hz gives you an edge in aiming duels and tracking enemies with submachine guns or pistols. Holding angles becomes easier, and your flick shots will be snappier. For competitive FPS games, especially, a 144 Hz gaming monitor is pretty much mandatory for those pushing for the highest ranks.

Advantages for Fighting Games

The fast-paced, twitch-reflex nature of fighting games is perfectly suited to high refresh rates. 

  • At 144 Hz, intricate combo strings and special move cancels will be much easier to see clearly and replicate. 
  • Important subtle animations and hit confirms will be more identifiable as well. 
  • Input lag is minimized, so complex joystick motions and button sequences can be executed flawlessly.

Overall, the buttery smoothness makes reading opponents and reacting to mix-ups less stressful on the eyes. A 144Hz monitor is a true game-changer for seriously competing in titles like Tekken, Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat and more.

Benefits for Mobas

In multiplayer online battle arena games, map awareness, last-hitting, skill-shot dodging and teamfighting are paramount. With less blur between frames, juking abilities and tracking enemy movements in hectic fights are made simpler. The vision of the full map and the ability to ping or shot-call for teammates are magnified at high refresh rates as well.

Boost for Battle Royale Performance

The fast pace and high stakes of battle royale titles shine with 144Hz monitors. Whether engaging in close gunfights, tracking airborne opponents, leading sniper shots over distance, or navigating hectic endgames, a 144Hz screen removes the potential for missed information between frames. You’ll be able to react more quickly to surprises and turn the tables on ambushes more easily.

Advantages for Fighting Game Tournaments

If you plan to enter fighting game tournaments, a 144 Hz gaming monitor is practically mandatory. Top players rely on them to squeeze out every last advantage. When money is on the line, having your gameplay displayed and judged at a higher refresh rate gives you an edge over opponents stuck at 60 Hz. 

Input lag is further reduced in tournament settings due to optimized PCs and minimal post-processing. Major events also use high-end 144Hz or higher displays to provide fair conditions for all competitors. For the ultimate competitive experience, upgrade your practice setup to match what the pros use.

Benefits in Online Competitions

Whether you’re grinding the ranked ladders, competing in weekly tournaments, or joining amateur circuits, high refresh rates can only improve your results in online competitions too. The lag reduction and motion clarity enhance your ability to outplay opponents even over the internet, where every millisecond is precious. 

Many top players even report improved win rates after upgrading, as their gameplay feels more responsive and in their control. The investment may provide the boost needed to start placing higher and earning prizes or cash cups in esports tournaments.

Advantages Carry Over to Other Games

While the benefits are most noticeable in competitive multiplayer games, a 144Hz gaming monitor upgrade enhances visuals for other genres too. Immersive single-player titles with high action, like Devil May Cry or Sekiro, are taken to new heights. Productivity and multitasking are smoother as well. 

Once you experience 144Hz, going back to 60Hz feels archaic. The fluidity even improves general desktop usage. Overall, a 144Hz monitor elevates all games and applications to a new standard of performance and enjoyment.

In A Nutshell

If you’re serious about improving your skills and ranking in competitive multiplayer games, upgrading your display to a 144Hz monitor should be a top priority. The advantages of reduced input lag, sharper motion clarity and enhanced awareness cannot be overstated in eSports. While an investment, a high refresh rate screen pays continuous dividends to your gameplay. Whether your goal is to top leaderboards, win cash prizes or just get an edge over friends, don’t hold yourself back with outdated 60Hz technology.

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