Technological Impact On Society


The impact of technology can be seen prevailing all across the globe in a wide range. There is no sector left without the impact of technology. Technology has eased the lives of people from every aspect. People feel convenient in a variety of ways by using technology. By its flexible nature, technology has put people’s lives in calm ways. In previous times, when there was less use of technology, people had to travel with difficulty; they had to spend several hours on the telephone, which was insufficient for their busy schedules. Much pressure was released when the technology started progressively working for the people. With the pace of time, many technological facilities are being enjoyed by people across the globe.

The technological impact can be seen both in society and the environment. Although technology has positive impacts on society, there are multiple negative impacts. As we have seen, the use of technology and advanced technology in industries has reduced labour work while increasing the use of advanced machinery. This has helped a lot in the increment of production by reducing the per-unit cost of the product. This is the simplest example of the positive impact of technology. However, there are numerous other examples of the technology.

Positive impact of technology on society

The impact of technology can be majorly seen in the educational sector. Education has always been so important for the large population. Students in the initial time can be quite perplexed because of the studies. Previously, students could be seen as quite bound due to their education because they had to study in a complex environment. Home assignment is the biggest problem. Inflation has risen a lot, and students are financing their education. Students are engaged in their part-time jobs. Multiple brands have acknowledged the difficulty of the students, and now they are offering educational assistance for students who are busy with their schedules. They offer services like online class help and do my online class services where they assist students in their online education. Students can avail of these services and manage their studies and other chores. They only need their laptops and internet routers to cover their online education. Technology has proven that all students are equal and can acquire good marks in their exams while managing other chores.

We can see the technological impact on society in different sectors like education, gaming, and other industries. Technology has filled the gap between two people through the internet bridge. Now, people can see each other with just one click. There is no need to travel long distances. People can use Skype, WhatsApp and other video call apps to see their loved ones. Even official work and meetings can be carried out in these apps, and there is no need to tackle the traffic pressure when you have an internet facility. Technology has eased people’s lives by not letting them travel from one place to another.

Mechanized agriculture is another positive effect of the technology. In previous times, farmers had to work harder for the commencement of agriculture, but now advanced machinery has also made it possible to grow several seeds in the off-season. Technology has enabled it to break the old perceptions of the farmers regarding agriculture. Now, farmers are highly dependent upon technology, and they are ready to learn the advanced mechanism of agriculture because it makes agricultural activities effective and efficient.

The biggest achievement of technology is the access to information. Many large-scale businesses rely on technology because it makes it easier to fetch information about what’s happening in the world. With the help of technology, businesses can learn the basic needs and requirements of the people, and according to it, they can make their products and services. Furthermore, businesses can see what their rivals are doing from the corners, and according to this, they can make their way towards development and progress.

Negative impact of technology on society

Along with the discussion of the positive impact of technology on society, we must not get over the negative side of technology. The adverse of technology cannot be seen only tangibly but also intangibly, like people are facing severe traumas and stress with the excessive use of technology. We can see high mental health issues in society with the use of technology. People can be seen all the time engaged on their phones and using different apps that affect their eyes and damage their psychology. People are so dependent upon technology that they have stopped using their brains.

The on society’s unemployment factor can be seen largely due to the technology. With the excessive use of technology when machinery is used almost everywhere, there is a lack of labour, causing high unemployment. The high unemployment rate is disrupting the lifestyle of people. On the other side, people rely mostly on technology, so they resist labour work, which is highly affecting the country’s employment rate.

Pollution can be seen everywhere due to the technology. Pollution is not only caused by people but also by technology and machinery. High use of machinery is causing pollution. Global warming can be seen everywhere which is also affecting the weather conditions. With the technological impact, global warming is increasing day by day. People are highly dependent upon technology and can’t even stop using it.

The biggest problem arising due to technology is the increase in physical and mental problems. People spending so much time on technology can be seen as depressed all the time. The excessive use of technology is damaging people’s eyes and their brains. People don’t even know how to manage their daily routines because they are so busy on their phones, laptops, etc.

So, there are a lot of positive and negative impacts of technology on the society. What people have to care about is the manageable use of it to benefit society. Kids must be watched every time they use technology because it’s important to watch them whenever they use phones. Numerous harmful websites are damaging the minds of small kids. Conclusively, people need to look after the circumstances of using the technology. It’s quite important to balance the use of technology.

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