Selecting the Perfect Parking Tiles for Your Area: A Guide to Making the Right Choice



While debating whether to get parking tiles or not, you need to understand that your outdoor space is as vital as your interiors. The appearance of your home exteriors paints a picture of how your interior decor will probably look like. Even your parking space or lawn can hint at how your interior setup looks. Whether you agree or not, parking areas create the first impression of any space. That’s why people look for ways to enhance the look of parking areas in both domestic and commercial setups such as malls, schools, and hospitals, and they often opt for parking tiles which are specially designed to offer an essence of beauty to the appearance of the entire building while providing a durable surface for driveways and garages. 


Parking tiles are crafted using durable materials that can withstand the weight and movement of heavy vehicles moving around. So, if you want to upgrade the look of your parking lot or elevate the overall aesthetics of your exteriors, consider using parking tiles. You can explore an array of outdoor parking tile designs by reaching out to trusted tiles dealers in Kolkata. However, read this blog before you buy tiles to create a visually appealing transition for your parking space. 

Parking Tiles: A Long-Lasting Spectacular Addition 

Parking tiles are the tile options that are perfect for outdoor and indoor parking areas. Unlike natural elements such as natural stone and cement which can erode or get discoloured after a while, parking tiles remain unaffected, retaining their elegant look for several years. Characterised by super quality, durability, and versatility, these tiles come with a heavy-duty range, allowing them to withstand heavy vehicle movement. If you install the best quality parking tiles, they will not break or get chipped and cracked due to vehicle movements. 


Besides being available in multiple designs, these tiles offer several other benefits that make the parking space even more functional. Some of these benefits are anti-skid, weatherproof, high surface hardness value, and many more. To know more about these characteristics of parking tiles, consider the following tips.

Tips to Select the Perfect Parking Tiles for Your Area 

Strength and Quality 

If you have a parking space in an open area, you must go for a tile option that has good surface hardness and can withstand the outdoor harsh weather conditions. That’s why you must check that the parking tiles you select are of high quality. Besides the tiles’ strength, you also need to consider their quality. During the rainy season, tiles can break or chip easily. So, make sure to select the tile option carefully. This way, you can ensure that the tiles last for long periods even when they get exposed to heavy footfalls and vehicles, making your investment worthwhile. 


One of the basic flooring needs of any space with heavy-weight movements is durability. With durable tiles such as pavers, your parking space will have outstanding toughness and become resistant towards daily wear and tear. Moreover, it is necessary to get only durable tiles for your parking lot as nobody gets their parking space upgraded every other year. That’s why it is better to set a sound budget and opt for the best quality parking tiles. 


Undoubtedly, parking tiles add value to the overall exterior look of any property. Whether you own a commercial space or want to upgrade your residential exteriors, you can use parking tiles to fix your entryways, garage, garden patio, and parking space. Renowned tiles dealers in Kolkata will provide you with a broad spectrum of designs that you can consider for your space. However, you must remember to coordinate the tile design with the overall design and colour theme of your house or building. 

Anti-skid and Weatherproof Properties 

While buying parking tiles, always consider buying tiles with matte finishes and anti-skid properties. After all, it can be risky walking around in wet areas such as garden pathways, verandas, garages, and even parking spaces if the tile surfaces get slippery. There can even be vehicle accidents if the tiles do not have the anti-slip feature. Moreover, parking tiles come with weatherproof properties that help their surfaces remain unaffected even during extreme weather conditions. 

Do Your Research

It is a good idea to do your research before buying any kind of tile. This research should include considering the references you have received, referring to the online customer reviews of all tiles dealers in Kolkata, and exploring their online collections. 

Go for a Good Brand 

After researching all these aspects, you can now pay a visit to the offline tile store that might seem to meet your needs. However, it is always better to go with a reputed tile brand as branded tiles speak for themselves. So, instead of getting tempted by cheap tiles that might not last long and need maintenance, opt for good quality tiles that come with a better lifespan with minimal maintenance. 

Best Parking Tile Options

Porcelain Tiles 

Manufactured under high pressure makes porcelain tiles strong and durable. These tiles have an anti-skid property, offering a safe surface for parking lots. You can explore them in a variety of designs and colours that can offer durability and elegance. 

Vitrified Tiles 

Vitrified tiles are another option that you can look for in your parking spaces. Offering good strength and slip resistance, these tiles come in a range of choices that you can explore by reaching out to popular tiles dealers in Kolkata


Hope you will consider all these factors while buying parking tiles to give your parking area a new look. So, you should do your research to buy the best quality tiles which offer both longevity and functionality. Always, prefer to make a worthy purchase by choosing reputed tiles dealers in Kolkata like Orientbell Tiles Boutique which comes with an ocean of tiles that you can explore.

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