RootsMagic Essentials vs RootsMagic 7

RootsMagic Essential vs RootsMagic 7

RootsMagic Essential and RootsMagic 7 are genealogy software programs designed to help individuals organize, manage, and explore their family history. While both programs share similar features, they cater to different needs and preferences of users. Below is a detailed comparison of RootsMagic Essential vs RootsMagic 7.

RootsMagic Essential:

RootsMagic Essential is the free version of RootsMagic, offering a basic set of features for users who are just starting their genealogy journey or have simpler needs. Despite being free, RootsMagic Essential provides powerful tools to help users build and organize their family tree effectively.
One of the key features of RootsMagic Essential is its intuitive user interface, which makes it easy for beginners to navigate and use the software without feeling overwhelmed. The program allows users to create and edit family trees with ease, adding individuals, relationships, and events effortlessly.
RootsMagic Essential also provides basic tools for organizing and documenting research findings. Users can attach photos, documents, and notes to individuals in their family tree, helping to preserve and share important family history information. Additionally, the software includes basic reporting features, allowing users to generate pedigree charts, family group sheets, and other reports to share with family members or for personal reference.
While RootsMagic Essential lacks some of the advanced features found in RootsMagic 7, it still offers robust functionality for users who are primarily interested in building and maintaining their family tree without the need for more complex tools.

RootsMagic 7:

RootsMagic 7 is the full-featured version of the RootsMagic software, offering a comprehensive suite of tools for serious genealogists and family historians. Packed with advanced features and capabilities, RootsMagic 7 provides users with the tools they need to explore and document their family history in detail.
One of the standout features of RootsMagic 7 is its extensive database capabilities. The software allows users to import and export data from a variety of sources, including other genealogy software programs, online databases, and historical records. This flexibility makes it easy for users to incorporate existing research into their family tree and collaborate with others in the genealogy community.
RootsMagic 7 also offers powerful research tools to help users uncover new information about their ancestors. The software includes built-in access to online databases such as FamilySearch and Ancestry, allowing users to search billions of records directly from within the program. Additionally, RootsMagic 7 includes advanced search and filtering options, making it easy to locate individuals, events, and sources within large family trees.

In addition to its research capabilities, RootsMagic 7 includes advanced reporting and publishing tools. Users can create custom reports, charts, and timelines to visualize their family tree and share their research with others. The software also includes tools for creating narrative family histories, allowing users to tell the story of their ancestors in a compelling and engaging way.

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