Can you Run RootsMagic 7 on Catalina?

RootsMagic 7 on Catalina

We are thrilled to announce that RootsMagic 7 is now available for Apple computers running macOS 10.15 Catalina. Previously, when Catalina was released last October, it required all applications to be 64-bit applications. This caused the wrapper that allowed RootsMagic to run on macOS to break, rendering the software unusable for users who had upgraded to Catalina.

However, after months of hard work and extensive testing, the wrapper for RootsMagic 7 has been updated to 64-bit, enabling it to run seamlessly on Catalina, as well as on previous versions of macOS. The latest version of RootsMagic 7 is now available for download

RootsMagic 7 on Catalina

If you are an existing user of RootsMagic 7 on your Mac, it is recommended that you uninstall RootsMagic before installing the new wrapper. This will ensure that there are no issues during the installation process. You can find complete instructions on how to do this on RootsMagic’s website.

For those of you who have never used RootsMagic 7 on your Mac before, you can download it from the website. Once you have downloaded it, you can follow the installation instructions to get started with the software.


We hope that this update will bring joy to all RootsMagic users on Macs, and make their experience even better.
If you are a RootsMagic Software user or facing any issues with it, we are here to help. RootsMagic 9 is the latest update available for the software. Please feel free to contact our RootsMagic Software Technical Support team at +1-888-652-9580.

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