Let’s Talk Savings: Switching From Old Access Apps To .NET Core


If you still use old Microsoft Access programs, think about how switching to .NET Core can save you money. It’s because every dollar matters in business. And why should you waste money and resources if the migration is also good for the future? We will look at this and discuss how switching from old access apps to .net core can save money for your business.

Getting rid of steep license fees

Access costs money, and you pay for each person who uses it. Fifty people are using it, each paying around $200. $10,000 is a lot of money! You can save this money by building web apps that don’t need those pricey Access licenses if you switch to .NET Core.

Spending Less on Upkeep and Help

Old Access apps can be a hassle to keep running. You might spend much time and money fixing software issues or making it work with other tech. Think about all the hours you might spend on these problems. Moving to .NET Core means you’ll spend less on these ongoing costs.

Better Handling of Growth and Workload

Old Access apps can get overwhelmed if your data or user numbers grow. .NET Core is more modern and can handle more work and better users. Say if you’re a store getting lots of online orders during holidays. With Access, you need to spend a lot on better servers. But .NET Core can handle this growth more quickly and cheaply.

Easier to Work with Other Systems

Nowadays, your apps need to talk to other software, like customer management systems or online services. .NET Core makes this easier. For example, suppose you have an old Microsoft Access Database system for tracking inventory and want to connect it to a new online store. In that case, you’d have to pay a lot for special programming. With .NET Core, this becomes simpler and cheaper.

More Predictable Costs in the Long Run

Knowing your costs ahead of time is great for planning your budget. Moving to .NET Core means you can expect more stable costs over time, without surprises like emergency repairs or issues with making different systems work together.

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