How do I write a thesis statement for an argumentative essay?


Writing a thesis statement for an argumentative essay is extremely important. This part is mostly added in the introductory part of the essay, where it outlines the summary. There are various ways to structure your thesis statement for an argumentative essay, but you need to first understand what an argumentative essay is. Assignment services like help with assignments also support students in preparing such essays. They have essay-writing experts who can help you prepare any kind of essay you want. This type of service is offered online and covers most countries. By getting help from them, you can avail yourself of a lot of assignment facilities.

What is an argumentative essay?

An argumentative essay is a type of essay that is usually presented as a persuasive research paper. The writer should be able to convince the readers to support their opinion or perspective. Your essay should be logically built up and have enough evidence to support your stance. Argumentative essays are generally written to propose business plans. It is mostly common in the legal profession to state a position on a law or a court ruling.

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Process to write a thesis statement for an argumentative essay:

1. Ask questions

Questions in an argumentative essay are useful to develop the interests of the readers. Asking such questions allows you to offer your thesis as an answer that helps to strengthen your argument. You can also restate the question in your title, for example, how do you write a research paper?

2. Present a fact or a statement

Try to make a statement that looks confident or add surprising statistics. It should have the ability to surprise your readers and raise their interest in learning more. Adding this statement or factual information in your introduction helps the reader follow the rest of your essay.

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3. Add a summary

Usually, a thesis statement is used to present a summary of the main points you intend to make in the next part of your argumentative essay. A summary essentially tells your reader about the arguments you are going to include in the essay and the conclusion you will provide.

How do I write an impeccable argumentative essay?

While writing an argumentative essay, you can use this structure as a template for your essay:

·  The first paragraph is an introduction

The first paragraph or the introduction of your essay should include a one-sentence thesis statement. Since this is the first part of your essay, you need to engage your reader in continuing to read the essay to its end. You can do this by adding an effective thesis statement that easily grabs your reader’s attention. The introductory paragraph will also include any valuable information that your reader needs to learn before going through the full essay.

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·  Main body with two to three paragraphs

In an argumentative essay, it is important to add your claims and provide proper evidence to prove your claims on the topic. The main body, containing two to three paragraphs, will present your evidence and support your thesis statement. Each of the paragraphs should start with a topic sentence with statistics and examples.

The main body is usually to support your argument and to discuss both the opinions of the arguments. It should also explain why you are supporting your claim and why the readers should agree with your argument. Based on your topic, you can use statistics, research, and examples to provide evidence in favor of your argument for the essay. Also, provide citations that give credit to the sources you have used in your paper. Citing sources adds credibility to your argument.

· Final paragraph

The final paragraph is the conclusion of your essay. It restates your thesis and summarizes the supporting evidence to make your readers relate to the situation and convince them to agree with you. Besides, considering this as a conclusion, you cannot simply write anything you want. Try to craft the conclusion creatively to make it look professional.

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What are the components required to support your arguments in the essay?

1. Facts

A fact can claim whether the information is true or not. You may choose this type of claim for presenting statistics and data.


Definitions are textbook information that can support your argument and help you interpret it. This is a common type of evidence for legal papers.

3. Value

A value asserts the importance of your opinion and makes it relevant to your reader. A value claim is often helpful to support a business proposal.

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4.Cause and effect

Cause and effect are used when you raise a problem in your essay. This type of claim can identify the causes as well as state the effects on the reader.

5. Policy

This claim includes your reader in the argument and describes how the statement affects them and what they can do to recover from such issues. A policy claim is more effective for controversial topics.

To conclude, argumentative essays are mostly written in the fields of science, law, and business, where you need to prove your opinions based on facts. Learning to write argumentative essays is advantageous for persuading others to support certain facts.



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