Floating Floors: Everything You Need to Know

Floating Floors

You may be confused about the various types of floating floors coverings available if you’re looking for New Generation flooring.

You will be able to choose the best option for your remodeling or construction project by knowing the features and benefits of each.

What is floating flooring and what are its characteristics?

What is floating flooring? In simple terms, floating floors are floor types that have a click-in installation system. Its name comes from the fact that it doesn’t require any glue, screws, or nails to fix the subfloor.

The most popular floating floors are those that have a warm feel to them, are easy to install, and provide acoustic isolation. They also resist temperature changes, abrasions, shocks, and the sun.

Also, these floating floors are composed of several layers. Depending on their composition, they can be classified into different types.

  • Surface Layer: This is a layer made of resins that increase the durability and resistance of the flooring. Also, some floating floors don’t have an overlay.
  • The decorative layer: It provides the aesthetic finish as it provides color and texture which will be visible on your floor.
  • Substrate layer: The sub-layer provides the structure for the floor. This layer can be HDF (high-density wood fibers) or MDF (medium-density wood fibers).
  • Bottom Layer: The stabilizing sheet supports the upper layers, and prevents warping of the piece or too much moisture absorption.

We can find different types based on the composition and design of the decorative layer.

Most used types of floating floors:

Melamine Floating Floors

Melamine floors are made up of a decorative melamine layer that mimics the natural look of wood with its grain, texture, and color. It is made of a mixture of resin and wood chips. It’s covered with a decorative sheet either on the front or back.

Also known as laminated floating flooring, melamine floating floor, or Photolaminated Floor. This surface layer has a purely aesthetic function.

Some floating floor manufacturers do cover the decorative surface with melamine resin. This gives it certain characteristics, such as greater durability, resistance to wear and abrasion (without being waterproof), and even better humidity resistance.

Melamine floating floors are resistant to being scratched or chipped. According to Wasaga Beach renovations contractors, they can therefore be used in almost any home environment, including the living room and bedroom. It is important to note that they should not be installed in humid areas or outdoors.


Vinyl Floating Flooring

Vinyl floors, unlike melamine flooring that has an organic component, are made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which is a plastic. They have the best abrasion resistance of all floating floors.

Also known as PVC flooring or floating PVC floors. They are also practically waterproof due to their synthetic origin.


Floating Wooden Floors

The floating wooden floor is made up of a decorative layer of laminated wood that’s free from plastic. Also, they are treated with special varnishes to provide additional protection from humidity, sunlight, and food or water spills.

This material has great thermal and acoustic insulation, and it also has a beautiful and elegant finish.

Wooden floors are the most difficult to maintain of all the floating floor types we’ve seen. Nevertheless, with the right care, they will last for many years.


Organic Flooring

The latest evolution of floating floors is the organic floor. These floors are made from a combination of renewable raw materials and 100% organic components.

They are easy to install, resistant, non-slip, and antibacterial. They are durable but only suitable for indoor use. You can read our article on organic flooring to learn more about this option.

This article is intended to help you clarify your questions about floating floors and choose the best one for your project. Contact The Renovators of Canada and get the best renovation services in all Greater Toronto Areas (GTA).

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