Exploring the Latest Trends in Wall Tile Designs in Ernakulam



While paint and wallpaper are considered to be the classic way in which you can decorate and enhance the way your walls look for a long time, nowadays more and more homeowners are inching towards wall tiles for their homes. In the vibrant city of Ernakulam, the search for wall tiles extends beyond mere aesthetics—it’s about creating the essence of one’s dream home. Homeowners in Ernakulam understand that wall tiles are not just for decoration, rather they’re like a protective layer for both interior and exterior walls. Beyond their visual appeal, wall tiles stand as a valuable investment which has a lot better longevity as compared to conventional paint or wallpaper. Similarly, they are also known to be easier to clean as well as maintain which is why a lot of people are now looking for the best tiles shop in Ernakulam to check for various wall tile options that are available in the market. Here are some excellent and stunning wall tile ideas that are available for homeowners to choose from:

  • Timeless Terrazzo:

A classic and timeless tile option that has been popular in India for decades now, the terrazzo design tiles have now made a comeback and are now available as wall tiles as well. These tiles are a perfect addition to your dream home in Ernakulam especially if you want to make your walls look stylish with a touch of vintage charm. It is a perfect solution for homeowners who want to add a nice retro charm to their modern style home, combining and balancing contemporary style with a nostalgic elegance. 

  • Goodness of Geometric Tiles:

For a mixture of modern with a touch of vintage style, go for geometric wall tiles. These tiles are available in a variety of intricate and bold geometric patterns right from hexagons, squares, and lines, to circles. These tiles can also be laid out in distinct patterns to create new and highly personalised statement walls. These are perfect for both commercial as well as residential spaces. Geometric tiles can be used in different rooms and spaces of your house right from bathrooms to bedrooms.

  • Subway Elegance:

Subway tiles are timeless and one of the most popular tile design options that are loved throughout India. Most common subway tile designs that are available in the market have bevelled edges. You can always use subway tiles and their ‘rectangular charm’ on walls as well as floors to make your space look bold and beautiful. 

  • Marvellous Marble Wall Tile Designs:

Bring a touch of luxury to your space with marble-look wall tiles that look just like real and natural marble. These tiles are made using materials like ceramic and look just like real stone while also being equally opulent and grand. Marble-look tiles are not only beautiful, but they are also a lot more affordable and easy to maintain as compared to real marble, which is why more and more people now use marble-look tiles in their homes in rooms such as bathrooms, bedrooms, and more. 

  • Warm Woody Wall Tile Designs:

While wood is a popular material in the home design and interior world, a lot of people avoid using it in their homes, especially in areas that tend to be quite moist and humid. For homeowners in Ernakulam who want the beauty of wood in their home without the risk and difficult maintenance plans, wood-look tiles made with materials such as ceramic are a great option. These wall tiles are made to look just like real wood but they are not as difficult to clean and maintain. This allows for a beautiful ‘wooden’ home without the excessive stress and challenge of maintaining real wood. 

  • Industrial Aesthetics:

Create a minimalist haven inspired by industrial aesthetics with industrial-themed wall tiles. Choose from various designs like concrete and cement, exposed brick looks, or metal imitations. Ideal for modern and chic apartments, these tiles can be paired with minimal accessories for a distinctive and personalised touch. Exposed brick wall tiles can be an easy-to-maintain option for people who want the rustic look but are afraid of the difficult maintenance that is often needed for real exposed walls.

  • Moroccan Magic:

For homeowners who want to make their walls as bold and beautiful as they can, going for Moroccan tiles is one of the best options. Moroccan tiles are inspired by traditional intricate Oriental designs. These tiles are available in many different patterns and bold and vibrant colours. Ideal for those who love a maximalist approach, these tiles can transform your walls into stunning masterpieces. There are many spaces in a home where you can use Moroccan tiles and harness their intricate and stunning beauty. For instance, you can use them in kitchens for a nice and easy-to-clean backsplash, or you can use them on your indoor stairs for a nice and designer staircase. For living rooms and bedrooms, Moroccan tiles can be used to create incredibly detailed accent walls that can quickly become the centre point of your room. Easy to clean and visually striking, these tiles bring a touch of exotic charm to your home in Ernakulam.

  • 3D Wall Tile Designs:

Another brilliant option that can captivate every homeowner in Ernakulam is 3D wall tile. These tiles not only add beauty to your walls in the form of patterns and colours but also add texture and depth to them. 3D tiles are available in many different patterns and can add a nice tactile sensation to any wall where they are added. These are perfect options for bathrooms and kitchens to add an eye-catching decor.


While looking to design their dream home, every homeowner in Ernakulam should try to find tiles for the walls that can beautify them completely. You can visit any reputed tiles shop in Ernakulam such as the Orientbell Tiles Boutique in Ernakulam where you can find amazing wall tile options that can enhance the beauty of your home in no time.

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