Best Restaurants in Uganda for Tourists


Uganda is not only renowned for its stunning landscapes and rich wildlife but also for its diverse culinary scene. For tourists looking to indulge in delicious meals while exploring this vibrant country, there is no shortage of fantastic restaurants to choose from. Whether you’re craving traditional Ugandan cuisine or international flavors, these top restaurants in Uganda are sure to delight your taste buds.

1. The Lawns Restaurant & Bar

Located in Kampala, The Lawns Restaurant & Bar offers a picturesque setting with lush green lawns and elegant décor. This restaurant is perfect for tourists seeking a tranquil dining experience away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Serving a mix of Ugandan and international dishes, The Lawns is known for its impeccable service and mouthwatering cuisine. Be sure to try their signature dishes like the grilled tilapia and matoke.

Review: “The Lawns Restaurant & Bar exceeded my expectations. The ambiance was serene, and the food was absolutely delicious. I highly recommend trying their Ugandan specialties!”

2. Karveli Restaurant

For a taste of luxury dining in Uganda, look no further than Karveli Restaurant. Situated in Entebbe, this upscale eatery boasts a sophisticated atmosphere and a menu inspired by both African and European culinary traditions. From flavorful seafood dishes to succulent steaks, Karveli offers a diverse range of options to satisfy every palate. Don’t miss out on their delectable desserts, which are the perfect way to end your meal on a sweet note.

Review: “Karveli Restaurant is a hidden gem in Entebbe. The ambiance is elegant, the service is top-notch, and the food is simply divine. A must-visit for any food enthusiast!”

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3. The Bistro

Nestled in the heart of Jinja, The Bistro is a cozy restaurant known for its warm hospitality and delicious food. Featuring a menu that highlights fresh, locally sourced ingredients, The Bistro offers a variety of dishes ranging from hearty breakfasts to satisfying lunches and dinners. Whether you’re craving a classic burger or a flavorful vegetarian curry, you’ll find something to love at this charming eatery.

Review: “The Bistro is a charming little restaurant with a relaxed atmosphere and friendly staff. I thoroughly enjoyed my meal here and would definitely come back again!”

4. Endiro Coffee

If you’re a coffee lover, a visit to Endiro Coffee is a must during your time in Uganda. With multiple locations across the country, including Kampala and Jinja, Endiro Coffee is renowned for its ethically sourced coffee beans and artisanal brews. In addition to their exceptional coffee offerings, Endiro also serves up a delicious selection of breakfast, brunch, and lunch options, making it the perfect spot to start your day or refuel after a morning of exploring.

Review: “Endiro Coffee is hands down the best coffee shop I’ve ever been to. The coffee is superb, and the food is equally amazing. I could spend hours here just soaking in the cozy atmosphere!”

5. Cafe Javas

For a taste of international cuisine in Uganda, head to Cafe Javas. With locations in Kampala, Entebbe, and Jinja, Cafe Javas is a popular chain restaurant known for its diverse menu and generous portions. From hearty breakfasts to indulgent burgers and pasta dishes, Cafe Javas has something for everyone. Plus, with its casual ambiance and friendly service, it’s the perfect spot to enjoy a relaxed meal with friends or family.

Review: “Cafe Javas is my go-to spot whenever I’m craving comfort food. The portions are huge, the prices are reasonable, and the staff always make you feel welcome. Highly recommend!”


From upscale eateries to cozy cafes, Uganda offers a culinary experience that is sure to delight tourists from around the world. Whether you’re craving traditional Ugandan dishes or international flavors, the restaurants & hotels in Uganda cater to every taste and preference. So, be sure to explore these top dining destinations during your next visit to this beautiful country!

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